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Make plays. He definitely. But so talking to bucks dot com earlier today during shoot around Chris Middleton will not play today. It's going to be arrestee because of the back to back he'll play tomorrow. Our coverage this evening set to begin at seven o'clock. Your college basketball slate of games tomorrow, Wisconsin will play an eleven o'clock game as they take on a Michigan. It'll be Marquette trying to knock off number thirteen Villanova tomorrow and ninety four or five ESPN FM our coverage of market basketball. Brought to you by you line, and Milwaukee they're on the road at Cleveland state and Ken Rosenthal. Fox Sports the athletic. He did a notebook today at the Atlantic. And he threw in this little tidbit saying quote a reunion between the brewers and free agent. Third baseman. Mike moussaka seems inevitable unquote. John there's nothing official yet. But the industry right now is kind of pointing towards Mushtaq is returning to the brewers this upcoming season. All right, man. Thank you very much. And then Travis shot a second base. That's not bad. We can live with that. It is four forty seven on WTMJ. Matthew Rittner police officer in Milwaukee and American hero gunned down senselessly and tragically earlier. This week was also a Marine One of his brother marines came to the studio talked to Melissa you will hear that up next. Wisconsin's movers and shakers our guest this week is kind of a legend in town. He is Fritz using my guests done smiley the headman at summer fest fat with brewers manager Craig counsel WTMJ conversations Sundays at eleven on WGN J John Mercure here for my good friends at pot Awami hotel and casino. I'm joined by Ryan Evenson PR manager at Ottawa me hotel and casino. Happy February Ryan happy February huge on how you doing. I'm great a new promotion going on. It's picking win. Tell us about it. A lot of fun, and it's really easy. Guests can earn entries right now. So they can come in any slots with their fire keepers clubcard and earn entries every Wednesday through March twenty seven. People have a lot of time people will be called on to our state between six and eight PM winners will pick a prize make a win reward play up to five thousand dollars in cash. And you're right. It's really simple. Valentine's Day is closing in and to the best restaurants in Milwaukee are Ruyi and Bella Tahiliani and they both have dining specials. Right. That's for sure..

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