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Tsa news sign jon mark dempsey the texas voter id law when's the approval of the fifth circuit court of appeals after twice being blocked for allegedly discriminating against minorities the case will likely now go to the us supreme court governor abbot awarded five hundred thousand dollars grant money to set up internships to help texas kids better prepare to be a part of the workforce of the future we want to connect more texans to workforce training opportunities so that they can fill jobs in high demand sectors and we want to connect more employers to work ready skilled texans grants are coming through the governor's texas talent connection program the goal is to give high school or community and technical college students the opportunity to earn class credit industry certification and on the job experience through work based internships in middle skill stem occupations thanks to fracking texas a and m has seen revenue from oil production on land donated to the university fortysix years ago jump to one million dollars a month that's led the an system board of regents to add to the beneficiaries of the cid kyle endowment to what the system's chief financial officer billy hamilton calls the strategic interests of texas am this will allow funding to be used to support important initiatives of the university in consultation with obviously with the system mineral rights from one hundred forty two wells in loving county west of odessa will continue to provide funding for a program in the college if agriculture a state panel has ordered the harris county district attorney's office to review dozens of dwi cases because a former toxicologist who provided expert testimony and the cases had misrepresented her credentials the report released friday by the texas forensic science commission says festivus possessing were guoli repeatedly testified that she received a master's degree different from the one she actually earned mclennan county prosecutor amanda dillon says she plans to recommend dismissing around one hundred of the more than one hundred twenty remaining biker cases stemming from the twenty fifteen shooting outside a waco twin peaks restaurant a private spaceflight company is testing a rocket in west texas this weekend the company blue origin was started by amazon dot com ceo jeff bezos it's conducting its eighth test this weekend of rocket it's calling new shepherd at facility near van horn in west texas the company expects to launch the rocket sometime sunday morning and a test flight last year the booster was able to.

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