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Got your club of Cleveland on the Peking road at eighty six thirty six peak in road in novelty, Ohio reds awake is international sound machine. Will be on hand for that as well. For your dancing, listening pleasure. And we're happy to say to Fred will be on hand thanksgiving evening in the main ballroom of the downtown Marriott. Okay. But that is all happening and sounds like a good time will be had by one. And all and of course, can't be defined sounds of Fred Zwick is well reservations you can call boundary. A two one six two one four one five three one. That's two. One six two one four one five three one. So there's a couple of happenings that are taking place up and coming in the very very near future. One call the champagne polka, Dan, greyli-, delete downgrade. We always called them the concertina king, if you're planning to do some fall cleaning, and you're having a rough time with scheduling and stuff why not let it's Inskeep of white Knight carpet and upholstery take care of all those worries for you..

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