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I must have vengeance. On the crew of ulysses ship they have had the insulin's to kill my cows which were the one thing. I love to look upon whether i was going up heaven or down again. If they do not square accounts with me about my cows i will go down to haiti and shine there. Among the dead son said jove go on shining upon god's and upon mankind over the fruitful earth. I will shiver their ship into little pieces with a bolt of white lightning as soon as they get out to see. I was told this by calypso who said she had heard it from the mouth of mercury. As soon as i got down to my ship and to the seashore. I rebuked each one of the men separately but we could see no way out of it for the cows were dead already and indeed. The gaza begin at wants to show signs and wonders among us for the highs of the cattle crawled about and the joints upon the spits began to low like cows and the meat whether cooked or raw kept on making noise just as cows do for six days. My men kept driving in the best cows and feasting upon them win. Joe of the son of saturn had added a seventh day. The fury of the gale abated. We therefore went on board raised our masks spread sale and put out to sea as soon as we were well away from the island and could see nothing but sky and see. The son of saturn raised a black cloud over our ship and the sea grew dark it. We do not get on much further for in another moment. We were caught by a terrific squall from the west that snapped the force days of the mass so that it fell aft while all the ships gear tumbled about at the bottom of the vessel. The mass fell upon the head of the helmsmen in the ship's stern so that the bones of his head were crushed to pieces and he fell overboard as though he were diving with no more life left in him then jove let fly with his thunderbolts. And the ship went round and round and was filled with fire and brimstone as the lightning struck it. The men all fell into the sea..

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