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Managing editor for global business benefit cannell joining that just a quick better breaking news for you south african court has been ruling on whether the votes on jacob zuma was going to be taken place within the party under in secret ballots or no it's the south african quotas decided that it will not specify the type of votes says parliament has the power to determine that we saw the rand strengthening a little bit earlier on this morning and in fact little bit of movement coming into it just now as we get that ruling i will what's that free for the moment there let's get to other global knees his basement his cousin thanks very much china has rejected us president trump's view that it has failed to rate in north korea trump told the rally in iowa that he still hopes for more help from beijing we've had a very good relationship with china nor fairness and i do like president gee i wish we would have a little more help with respect to north korea from china but that doesn't seem to be working out what i do like the president china however says it's behindthescenes moves have been indispensable meanwhile us lawmakers investigating russian meddling into the us election have been told that moscow trying to hack into election systems in twenty one states is former homeland security secretary jay johnson and two thousand sixteen russian government at the direction of water mirror putin himself orchestrated cyber attacks on our nation for the purpose of influencing our election that is a fact plain and simple meanwhile us authorities are treating the stabbing of a police officer us an airport in michigan as an act of terrorism fbi agent dave david kelly also says the suspect shouted allahu akbar before knifing the officer in the back and neck continued to explain how any mehta statements things took the effect of you of kill people in syria iraq and afghanistan and we are all going to die here in the uk the conservatives are yet to struck a deal.

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