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My insight into. The mystery. Verse Nine. And to bring to light, what is the administration of? The mystery? May Give you a little tip you serious. Bible students will you see a word repeated? Note. This word is used three times in one paragraph, three times. In one digression. Paul refers to the mystery, the mystery, the mystery. What is the mystery? Let me point out before identify it that it was revealed to Paul in special revelation verse. Three. By revelation, the mystery was made known to me. When was that? I'm guessing here So your guess would be probably as good as mine I'm thinking when he was stoned at Struck. And left for dead. When he went into an unconscious state, I believe was taken up to the third heaven. And in his third heaven experienced. Explained in Second Corinthians Chapter Twelve. The first nine verses the apostle received. Special revelation from God. Back, in the days when the Bible was still being written God revealed himself in spoken word. In visions during the day and in dreams during the night. In phenomena that we would call today miraculous cloud during the day to lead the Israelites, a pillar of fire during the night to warm them to protect them and to reassure them. These are all special revelations or phenomena from God. God gave Paul and Understanding of the body of Christ, the mystery. And he said I wrote before about it in brief the end of verse three. Let me show you where that was verse nine of Chapter One. He made known to us the mystery of his will that's why he refers to writing about it and brief in chapter three in verse three, the Bible ties together. If you think of gears matching, you will understand how Paul writes his words like no other writer of the new. Testament. Tail. Gears that fit smoothly together and he's moving in a direction he never forgets where he was in the previous chapter or where he's going in the next chapter. This is all part of it. That's why the words for this reason tie in. So beautifully. When it gets to verse three talks about this mystery. And he said, you can buy reading this understand my insight into the mystery of Christ Verse Four. which in other generations was not made known to the sons of men as it has now been revealed to his Holy Apostles and prophets in the spirit. And to be specific, he says, the gentiles are got your pencil ready again fellow heirs, fellow members, fellow partake years, three times. The same word is used fellow fellow fellow. Gentiles and Jews are together in one hope in one body and one act experience of sharing. This is the mystery. Now, the reason you're hung up perhaps on the word mystery is because you're thinking of our English word mystery. which is something convoluted webster says it is it is something not understood and enigma something which baffles are perplexes. Thought. I thought of a case that's been going on since the day after Christmas one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, six, it began in Boulder Colorado. A six year old girl named Jon. Benet. Ramsey. was found dead in her home. Did. The parents during the night heard nothing saw nothing had no reason to believe anyone. With any ill intent was in their home but they were. Since the day after Christmas nineteen ninety-six to this present moment the moment when I speak this message, it remains a mystery. It's baffling it's an `nigma. The parents, John and Patsy Ramsey have continued to say we are innocent. They are not believed by some who are reporters and some who are detectives in the case. The ramseys have just written a book called the death of innocence. I even not not only read this in the Newsweek edition of March twenty-seven, the year two, thousand, they said check on the Internet Newsweek, Dot com I checked it and I read the entire interview between reporter with Newsweek and John and Patsy Ramsey and it's pretty convincing. Regardless of WHO believes what regardless of how they've been treated they claim they are innocent. They have no idea how their daughter was killed. On top of all of that is the horrible grief. That it seems few people leave room for them to endure. Can you imagine? Magin your Christmas from then on. The `Nigma. But that is not the word translated mistreat and our bibles misteri on is the word but that's the English con set. The Greek concept is secret think of secret. I am now making known to you an open secret. It was not known before nor could it have been known on their own but now people know about it because God's revealed it and it's clear. A secret is something that isn't known at all, and then what's it's explained it's clearly understood. That's not like our word mystery, which is a baffling word and ending matic setup perplexing situations. And the mystery to be specific six is that the gentiles are in fellow heirs fellow members of the body fellow partake of the promising Christ. Imagine that is a gentile first century gentile you've had a multiplicity of God's your life has been emptied vacant of. Futile all attempts to please all the gods of Your Life and you hear the Gospel and you know that Christ died for your sins according to the scriptures he was buried. He was raised from the dead and he now is alive and we'll be alive forevermore and will save you from your sands if you'll only believe as a gentle believe it. and. When I believed that I would be close to the heart of God as the Jew who has just believed it. That's remarkable. That's Revolutionary. Certainly in the first century in the Apostle said, I have been called to make that message known human birth brings racial distinctions. Supernatural birth erases racial distinctions. That's the whole point. Revolutionary in some places today. But everywhere in the days of the century now, I loved it when I came to verse seven in my study because now he talks about. Being the Messenger here, we have the declaration of the mystery of which this is referring to the mystery. That mystery.

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