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We had a Jahic fountain. We had a fountain that went in and all the water sort of fell in all proud of this really cool. That's really cool. So what we've learned is that. China's on everything. Address feminist wave. It's just draw a giant. That'd be fun. I also I also want to reinvent the word bitch. And you remember when bitch and was a cool thing. Does that car is bitten that needs to be? What pitch means again? Like I want to bitch cave. Yeah. Right. And it's like this awesome place to hang out in my bitch cave. I was joked on that was really funny you should make in your bitch. Cape would have DVD stuff in it. I would imagine DVD stuff in all of my MST's. I'm not a big AC person. So it would be a very small bitch gay Bill guy. Sure. Sure. Sure. Sure. But it doesn't like camping stuff. I keep my camping stuff and my bitch. What's your bitch cave? You can have anything you want. And I want you can literally have it. That's. That's. Airship themed wallpaper. Now are your. Punky wallpaper. But if you do another season relics and rarities could you would you say welcome to the bitch. Isn't it? It's so because it's pretty fancy like your sets. Now, we are real fancy set. I don't know. I mean, I don't know the Curio shop so much of what I was trying to do it that is to give kind of feminine twist on it. So it's not a tavern. It's a cure. It's an antique store, you know, that like adventure comes from everywhere on the against taverns. But like, I don't drink. So that's not that. I think is interesting for me. So I wanted it to be in a place where it was the last place you'd ever expect there to be magic. But then like, so your grandmother, I said it should look like your grandmother's attic. And you know, you go on your grandmother's adequately. This is all junk, why don't you just throw this all away? She takes antique roadshow makes four thousand dollars..

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