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Chris maxwell good afternoon again rhode island can block subbing in today for chris of mike the topic of conversation today is the challenges of doing business in rhode island and i would love for a couple of restaurant owners to call in and tell your tale of the different channel is that you face in running your businesses here in rhode island you can absolutely call in anonymously i don't expect you to identify yourself or your business but i know that in terms of rules and regulations restaurants are one of the more highly regulated businesses in the state in some of them struggle under some some mm regulations that are duplicated duplicative and can be quite onerous i'm gonna jump to a different topic in a challenge in doing business in the state the solution to it it is is extremely complex but the problem itself is easy to describe and that problem is the inventory tax businesses have to pay a tax on the contents of their business you have to pay a tax on every year you have to pay a tax on the desks in your office on the chairs in your office is supposed to pay a tax on the the bottled water the sheets of paper if you have a refrigerator and a microwave you're supposed to pay attacks on that every year your computers you name it whatever's in your office a a taxes assessed data and there's a there's a few abilities to not pay if you're a manufacturer you get to not pay tax on certain things but by and large it it is a it's a.

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