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Podcast episode sixty four kickoff two thousand twenty one by winning the war within. What do i mean by winning the war within. Well i mean. Let's take this time to look at ourselves personally and professionally after that crazy year last year and see what we can do better. What can we do when our health. What can we do on our work and our families. All those kinds of things and the outline. I'm gonna use for that is the are the first four chapters which are four concepts of the book extreme ownership by jaakko lincoln life. Babba have mentioned that many times before they have great leadership principles and we will get into those here in a second highly recommend. That book is from two thousand fifteen. I got the first dish. Thank you again to my friend. Mike recommended that. Got me into the podcast. And the book the big difference in my life They have a bunch of other stuff too so when you go to amazon checkout extreme ownership you'll see the other books to the dichotomy of leadership Field manual whole bunch of other things so check out the product. Listen to the daca podcasts. Pretty awesome now for this outline. That's going to help us all win the war within is we kick into twenty twenty one. I'm going to follow the same process that doing the book. So what they do. Is they talk about an example to billy from combat or a navy seal training scenario. Then they're talking about the principle itself then they say how can use this in business so y break the mold. That's a great outline. It was ver- successful number one new york times bestseller all that good stuff and that's what i'm going to do so let's start with the first one which shouldn't be a surprise because it's extreme ownership right in in the example that they use in all reference you or send you to the youtube look up jaakko willink youtube tedtalk extreme ownership and you will see the best explanation of that which essentially in the combat example that he gibbs means. There was a blue on blue or friendly unfriendly. Good guy on good guy Fire incident when iraqi was killed. Couple seals were injured. Iraqis were injured. Everybody was shaking up. They didn't know each other. We're on the battlefield. Bad things happen right in business or in combat or somewhere and we know okay something the hammer is gonna come down on us right when mistakes are made and in combat and that situation explained someone died. Other people were injured. That's like the extreme version so in the tedtalk jogger talks about everybody's coming together leaderships coming in. Something's going to happen. Someone's gonna pay and they get into their right and the leaders asked the questions. Whose fault is this. And all has guide each one by one. I should have checked my sector. I should radioed in this. They all start taking that ownership right so his teams already. Doing it and jackie says no. It's not your fault it's not your fault and it's not your fault it's my fault. I'm the leader. I should have known where everybody was. I should have done all these things that say. Or i should have empowered. You're all to be able to do them. I own this right. Any talks about than owning everything in your life and how that mindset makes a huge difference so that mindset is the principal right. it's that.

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