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We can have met you have a clear understanding of when it goes in and out but you're right that seems something at this point there is a definite cap on how high these kickers are going to hit the braille why don't we just meet them there john gruden monday football a couple of weeks ago called ravens kicker justin tucker's field goal kicks majestic perfect word to use their over the debt like why why do we get some extra piping on these uprights it's really it's a billion dollar business i don't get it it is nice that go that's a reminder that we just don't care about kickers in that makes me happy okay let's fair maybe that's what it is a grand conspiracy to prove their place on a football team but other thing i this one really bothers me because the pass interference has become such a a huge component of the nfl the in the who gave the game we're talking about yesterday with the seahawks and cowboys troy aikman on the broadcast that will will there's got to throw deep in the sure enough they did sort of a flailing pi calls a judge we got it was a fortysomething yard penalty couple sundays ago before dare car fumbled out of the end zone it was a fifty five yard penalty on 1410 longest penalty of the year and it almost gave the raiders the win of card in fumble so my point is just go to ease the calls use of fifteen fifteen our role but you don't need this spot foul for fifty five yards you just fifteen yards rural yeah i'm all for facilitating offense in the nfl but in a dane eight and what we see more and more the handcuffs put on defensive players this seems like one spot where we can maybe just maybe seat a little bit around a judgment call i mean we talk about it such a the soviet mistakes made by rafts let's this make it a fifteen yard penalty that's what college football does not the in the world they have plenty of scoring there they don't need the spot vow we don't need it in the nfl speaking of the world of.

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