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So the haunting a hill house, the where they would always show the person on the frame to the right or left, and they always focused on like the darkness in the upper, not focused on this kind a. An afterthought rising focus on the person frame. But up in the corner here there be something happening whether it's in a doorway or pantry. They had all these like hidden goes right in. You really had to look carefully and they'd start moving slowly and that's where a lot of the scarce came from in this one they do it a lot differently which I think. Is kind of neat instead of they still make you focus in the background because that's what they've done and then but all the things that are happening are in front of the subject. So it's really interesting because it terrifies you because you're not expecting it to come from there and I don't know it kind of excites me because I've never seen anything like that before. That's available. Netflix. Right now is that correct haunting a blast? Just came out on Friday, haunting a blind manner. So you WANNA go ahead and check it out as soon as you're able to, and now's the time because it's October and that time for Halloween the please check out haunting a blind manner and let us know what your thoughts are on the series, which is the second season of the well. What previously was the Haunting Hill House was just something that I think of caught a lot of people by surprise and was very good for Netflix. Checking out the second season, which is the haunting a blind manner. Check it out today on net flicks. WanNa go ahead and tell everybody that we've got a lot of things on the plate for today that includes the New York comic con this weekend it happened, but a lot of great trailers were shown. So we're going to talk about that coming up here in a bit. The boys and Star Trek lower deck season finale these just happened. So I'M GONNA go in and cheer some non spoiler thoughts. That's GonNa come up later episode I don't want to go ahead and but out those spoilers yet because I know Josh has. Of people have it as well. So WanNa, go ahead and share my thoughts though in general listrik fashion coming up here in a bit picks, our soul goes to Disney plus. That's a big news item. So we'll talk about the will. Is it going to cost you extra money like Milan and what will this do for Disney plus and also pixar going forward because this is the second straight filmed at all the first film. This year onward did debut theaters, but it quickly went to dizzy plus so this is the second major pixar film to go. Freely much straight to Disney plus. We'll talk about it's going to be pictures future going forward coming up here in a bit as well. Game Stop made a deal with Microsoft. Go ahead into depth on that coming up here in a bit coyote, ugly gets a reboot and our fans seem to like it a lot. So we'll talk about the prospects of that coming up a new green lantern series for HBO Max. And what do we want for Amazon Day? For. First before we go into game stop and Microsoft I WANNA to go ahead Josh let you quick I had a chance to test out these bad boys right here the stealth seven hundreds and also the Stelle six hundreds from Turtle Beach and I cannot think them enough to allow me to go ahead and test out the turtle beach six hundreds and these bad boys right here is the seven hundred on my head right now..

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