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So we're almost was one week now into the federal election campaign and a lot has happened. The liberal campaign bus hit their own plane. No one was hurt. It was more entertaining than anything else. We were waiting for our luggage to be loaded on board now. When that happened? Our bus pulled away and almost immediately we heard a loud scraping sound. Justin Trudeau was a no show to the first debate. It can all agree that Justin Trudeau is afraid of his record and that's why he's not here tonight. He is but today we're looking at two different topics the slate of candidates who have been dumped or remain despite despite controversial statements or posts on social media and the many many promises made to voters. CBS's Katie Simpson has been on the road covering the conservative team and and of course fashion Capello's Hosta power politics is here with me. This is front burner Katie. Hi Guys Hi Jane. Hi So happy to have you both here Katie. You've been on the campaign trail with conservatives since the campaign started. Tell me what it's been like well right now. I'M GONNA bus. You're going to probably hear a lot of noise of my colleagues. in the media getting on and off this bus and they're all joking saying they're not is loud as me which is mildly accurate so right now. The conservative media bus is on its way to Andrew Shears. Here's policy announcement right now he's in Cologne A. B. C. He's expected to make some sort of announcement related to affordability and that of course is part of his overall theme. The Conservatives are trying to make the argument to Canadians that you'll keep more money in your pocket. If you've over conservatives we saw that with the policy announcement yesterday or on a Sunday I've actually lost dark the days because all of the days of actually mashed together all blurring together just all mashed together and of course we're recording this on Monday morning so we haven't heard that announcement from Andrea Sherr yet but I know a little bit later in this conversation. We're GONNA talk about some of the ways that the Conservatives have already promised to make your life more affordable not to give spoiler alert that she I understand. You also haven't slept in a week. How are you doing. I'm fine. I'm good. It's gotTa pace myself yeah. It's like a marathon. I find it. If you have no life. It really helps near fine. Good just completely neglect your friends and family or just don't have many okay. Let's get moving here so candidates have been dropping like flies since the election began. This feels a lot to me like the hunger games just at the beginning when a bunch of people just get immediately eliminated. Let's go through some of them. So everyone has a sense of what we're dealing with Katie. Let's start with the conservative. Go go through a few of the examples with me. let's start with Cameron Ogilvy so Cameron Ogilvie is the one candidate who's been fired by the Conservatives he was running in the riding of Winnipeg big north and there were a number of social media posts discovered by press progress and when pressed progress went to the Conservative Party said. Hey have you seen these posts. They decided to kick him out out of the party. They actually put out a press release and they tried to sort of spin it as saying hey we're taking action fast. We're kicking this guy out. Why is Justin Trudeau when they're controversial comments about other other candidates in his party wise and taking action like that so they tried to spin it as an attack even though it is someone who passed their own vetting process who had comments it's on social media that were considered anti Islam and insensitive toward Muslims okay and and he was asked to resign by the Conservative Party because of this yeah they they fired of course let my let the Cannon Statement on that issue speak for itself. I have obviously made it clear that I won't have anything to do with that individual and as I said the other day we're gonna you see this from liberals from now until election day trying to do everything they can to distract okay so that's one. Let's do the conservative candidate for Mississauga Streets Ville so when in Andrew Scheer went to the Greater Toronto area liberal opposition researchers were pointing journalist to a number of previous articles won the National Post one in Vice News that had said Data Malik had tried to run for the provincial conservatives in two thousand eighteen in the Ontario election however the party did not give her the green light to run because yes you had all of this controversial postings on social media. It's mostly a sharing of content a lot of transphobic content things like videos from the rebel bowl talk about protections for LGBTQ students in Alberta and you know trying to spin it as well. This is an attack on girls as attack on students and and you know posting things like this transgender person regrets their transition and those kinds of comments those kinds of articles Andrew Scheer Shear has he has said if a candidate apologizes and takes ownership of their mistakes and promises to be supportive for all Canadians that he still willing to stand by candidate and that's what he's doing with Malik. I all I can tell you. Is that gotTa Malik has acknowledged that some of the comments that she had re tweeted were were insensitive and that she has is taking responsibility for that. I'm glad that she has okay and we're gonNA talk about Angie. shears response a little bit more in a minute but let's just do two more so the way this has been working as the Liberal Research Bureau has been compiling all of these old whether it's social media posts and then they've been giving the content to liberals to tweets what's out there for everyone to see and our panel is one of the targets that they took aim at because Andrew Scheer when he was in Brampton North how to campaign event where they were going to go door knocking together and and and have a rally at his campaign headquarters and so on that day the Liberals knew that was going to happen so they dropped that post online showing that back in two thousand ten Mr Khan I was a teenager at the time had called someone homophobic slur on social media and again Andrew Scheer said that his candidate has apologize taking ownership for his words and that he's going to stand by him there and eventually the strategy for the liberals dropping this information on the day that Andrew Scheer is going to campaign with these these candidates like it essentially so that they're forcing him to talk about that and get something else right yeah basically. They're just hoping that reporters ask. Mo more more of their questions on that then whatever under shear wants to be talking about. It's just a strategy designed to get the Conservatives off whatever message they hope to be getting across that day you know I want to talk about one more conservative candidate a star candidate who is also part of the story Justyna McCaffrey. Some people may know her as a pretty famous wedding dress designer. She's running for conservatives in Ottawa and the Liberals released a video over the weekend a McCaffrey pitching a reality show about herself and faith Goldie. See just you know myself. We go back a couple years now. First first time we met we clicked see I believe a little thing called the girl Mafia. If your heart smart pretty role on the right crowds I basically want become your for those who might need a refresher. Asher on who faith Goldie is she was fired from the rebel media after she appeared on the Neo Nazi podcast the daily stormer in the US. She's made very controversial comments about immigrants. It's she's been banned from facebook. Sheer says he wants nothing to do with her Katie. I know you were with Justyna McCaffrey over the weekend. How is she responding to this. So there are actually two posts. The liberals came forward with on Justyna McCaffrey. She also made some comments that people in Quebec and French Canadians took some deep offense is to and it had to do with her saying that Justin Trudeau seems to be preoccupied with the French and that my colleague from Radio Canada that I'm traveling with on this campaign as he pointed out that that's something that obviously would not go over very well so there was that video we reached out to the Party and they put out a statement on behalf of McCaffrey saying listen the video that you guys posted stood when we were trying to pitch a reality. TV Show is from twenty thirteen. There were some photos of them at service from two thousand seventeen that were put out there again by the liberal research team it gets into strange strange territory. Where can you be held accountable for being friends with someone you know before they really sort of shifted and turned it such strange French territory and I'm not quite sure what Canadians are going to think about that anyway we tried to. I tried to talk to Jesse McCaffrey and the first question was actually GonNa ask was about the French comments but at her own campaign event on Saturday in Ottawa she was hosting Andrew Scheer. It was like a little barbecue outside of her campaign headquarters. I'm I'm she introduced Andrew Scheer and then what Andrew Scheer finnish-speaking until questions she left the event and we we I'm not GONNA lie. We expected her to leave the event because she's she's in an uncomfortable situation and there's a chance that candidate sometimes don't answer questions but when I went with a camera I'm working with the pool team here. We went to go talk to her and then she would not suffer questions custom who just has really quickly got into a car and sped off and anytime. There's an yeah anytime. There's an image of that it's never good because this is someone who wants to be the voice of their community and represent constituents and when you speed off from the situation. I it looks bad and and not to make light of this situation but you know for those listening. You might wanna Google that video it is it is quite entertaining to it's something vastly. Of course I like. The Conservatives are not the only party who have found themselves in hot water here. Let's talk about the Liberals. Eight is qualified candidate actually before the campaign started has seen Enga- yes and and I just wanted to quickly jump in and what Katie was saying because on the issue of you know it's one thing to have people who said things specifically. It's it's almost a different to look at who they're hanging out with and and what that constitutes the Conservatives right away were saying well. Hey Justin Trudeau's been hanging out with some shady people too and they pointed right away to that a picture of Justin Trudeau with Joshua Boyle right who you remember with someone who was in Afghanistan. He's now charged with domestic abuse among other things so the the argument goes both ways right an and and like Katie said I can anticipate that that's going to be a little bit of a grey zone in this election as far as candidates for other parties go. There's Hassan guy you mentioned. This is someone who is disqualified prior to the start start of the campaign he had made a number of anti Semitic comments on social media which were unearthed by Bennie breath name breath says and he says also the liberals new you of this at the beginning of August and they were actually he's he claims working with him on a PR strategy beneath breath then a few weeks later actually sent all that information to the media and end very shortly thereafter I think within I think Senate in the morning and by a few minutes before our show went to air at five o'clock at night the Liberals had disqualified him as a candidate. He insists that they had no intention of doing that. Prior to the media getting hold of Mr Trudeau has been asked some questions about that they won't confirm or deny whether they were working on that kind of strategy or anything they just said once. They knew you of the comments he was immediately disqualified. We will not accept a candidate that has intolerant or unacceptable anti Semitic remarks and that's why we we asked this candidate to step down. I just also want to note His end gay has responded on social media by saying there's more to the story quote this. This is not the whole truth. It's not the end he has also addressed the controversy by saying he's not any Semitic and campaigns against all forms of racism.

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