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And people coming together The suspect. In this case Jeanette Ken's. Allegedly shot his grandmother before the pursuit, and, as we know the assistant manager in the storm leader Kuroda died as a result of a police bullet we're learning more this morning about a, deadly shooting. Up near Westlake village. Or anything more about that coming up right after traffic it is five oh five traffic and, weather together. Every ten minutes on the Jennifer York that is what's like boulevard close just north of more Holland because of that shooting and we're trying to get more information for you, as well let's get the latest on the five jam Cam little glitch. Far drive, on the five south just as you pass the ten freeway so heading into these daily interchange got a crash at Cesar Chavez that has. Just cleared all lanes were blocked temporarily that's what the hiccup is once you're past that you're looking good actually the five out of Burbank and the San Fernando Valley in, general looks wide open and they're saying on the five north right at the one thirty. Four this has popped up there's a big couch in the middle lane wanna hit. That five north right before the one. Thirty four I'm seeing slowing still on that northbound seventy Ten to the bell gardens area heading up into. Commerce otherwise the northbound seventy minutes is good but that's a couple of miles of slowing down that northbound five. Southbound looks good northbound six zero five looks good north and southbound one tat also looking great in and out on the downtown. Slot southbound four, five across the valley floor we got a great drive they're heading into. This report is that five fifteen I'm Jennifer your more tropical ports more often Kennex. Than seventy NewsRadio Josh today temps are going to be about. Eighty or so along the beaches looks like nineties down again today a little warmer out in the valley and the inland empire south. West breeze at about fifteen later, this afternoon in Santa Clarita this wanna get seventy three seventy four San Clemente is. Seventy one and the five. Day forecast is coming up in less, than ten minutes five.

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