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Kyle, The Rain man Rainey says happy birthday. It was smoking hot girlfriend. Brooklyn rose who turned 28 on November 4th sir Howard sir happy birthday to dame sexy, November 5th was her birthday Brian Riley celebrates ready yesterday. Angela kumbara, her brother Joe happy birthday to the Independence Day night 56 today. Bob loth turns 33 today sir Craig of northeast Georgia celebrates on the 9th of November Karl from London, happy birthday to his father Jeff from Pennsylvania, turning 70 and Jessica Burke says happy birthday to her smoking hot husband Nathan Burke 31 on December 15th. Well, we are well on time. Happy birthday. If everybody here is the best podcast in the universe. Only one only one. Yes, we have one night and we're happy we have one. If you are set, we'll do our one. Mister stubby. Okay, I'm just gonna leave that there. Blueberry, come on up on stage. Thanks to your supporter that know what you're gonna show and the amount of $1000 or more I am very proud to bring you up here on the podium with the knights and the names at the round table are pronounced to Kate V as sir bouverie. Black knight of the mothman for you, we've got hookers and blow rent boys and Chardonnay. Maybe you want to go a little bit more exquisite. Well, in that case, what do we have? I can't find it. We have. I can't find my list. There it is. Rabbit meat, goat milk,.

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