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Rookie shaun livingston continued his fine play in the nba finals he went four for five put the story was durant last year's nba finals mvp who now has to be the front runner to be this year's nba finals mvp he essentially ended the series by delivering a game three win and totally change the narrative from steps going to be the nba finals mvp to nope it's going to be k d for a second consecutive year he was awesome last night stephen a smith talked about kevin durant performance after the game i saw superstar saw somebody that showed up and played like the superstar we know him to be a career twenty seven point per game scorer he can score thirty in his sleepy dropped forty three and thirteen and night and put on an absolute show he got absolutely no help whatsoever tonight from steph curry who was absolutely awful offensively shoot a one ten from three point range but every time you needed something k d gave it to you every time you wanted something k d gave it to you and even when you weren't in the mood to get it he gave it to you anyway and he gave it to cleveland all night long did what he wanted when he wanted completely demoralized them was hitting shots from all over the place he was an absolute superstar tonight it was it was fun to watch i get it wasn't fun to watch if you're a cavaliers fan for the rest of us it was fun to watch and there's a lot of people who hate the way the the warriors have been put together hate the fact that katy joined this team chasing rings all that stuff but dude he is still when he when he's locked in and and when he puts the team on his back as as he did last night there are a few players in this league there is joyful to watch as kevin durant this is first and last on espn radio and the espn app my name's moega filling in this morning for mike golic junior espn radio is.

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