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'cause I have a few that I've tried from other the the tincture that I take from. Cbd MD and it doesn't get me high at all. But I've had some from other companies where I'd have like three drops full. Oh okay how does it help your sleep? Yes it is the. Thc is required to you know. Different people have different results when it comes to. Cbd and some people find that CBD with THC benefits them more and some people find that it's just the CBD itself but CBD. The company. That I use what I really like. Is They have a bunch of Muscle creams and like stuff. That you rub on the outside of sore muscles that's fantastic. It's really good pantries into the skin and just really good at alleviating soreness and I had so like one of my old colleagues science colleagues was That were measuring some samples from like different. Cbd products and like the majority of them didn't even have much CBD in them at all like. There's just a lot of I mean. I mean this has been shown with vitamin vitamin. You know vitamin supplements as well. There's been so many studies showing even vitamin D supplements. Like it'll say it has ten thousand I you but it only has like six thousand like there's been sampling where you like you go to like walgreens or CVs just whatever random place placing grab the vitamin that they don't have is the concentration in isn't high also those like ECHINACEA. Things like a lot of cloverleaf clover. Because it's not regulated kind of bullshit anyway. Like what does that do for you to Jack? Up Your Immune System. That's buddy always told me that they were all sick all the time. The people there terry interest in taking a fishing to know. I know I haven't looked into the ECHINACEA someone like someone asked me about. The elderberry So so I looked into that and because I was like is that like an ECHINACEA thing but and there's some actual legitimate research. Elderberry has been shown in randomized controlled trials to affect the immune system in lower colouration. And stuff like that you know so are you a fan of a fan of Kabukicho. Used to drink. What is the one I I drink the dark one? Ginger Lemon Darna can't remember the name. Um Tease no I used to. But then they're they are sugar that the sugar in that wants too much of the one that I drink is two grams per serving two servings. So there's only four grams of sugar. The sugar though is what helps the fermentation helps the fungus grow right. I think this is the. Gt1 had like eight grams so it was like twice as much and the other and the ginger lemon I like the Ginger Lemon Law and unlike this one tastes better so ginger lemon does the the one that I'm getting it's like it's founded like whole foods and sprouts and it's not the same amount of active culture though that's the question. I don't know it's in the dark bottle. You want home dark bottles better while the dark bottles better in life because it doesn't permit in the Sun as well doesn't the sun doesn't penetrate okay almost like uv protector got got microbiome. Health is important for function and it really is like like. That's another thing we're calling him. She loves love it do so I would. What's the brand I buy it? Buy It from sprouts or whole mother-in-law laws that we have some here. Yeah it's so delicious too and I love it with meet meet. We've we've been like we have a bunch of Elk Burger. We we ordered online ordering on. No no no no. I'll give you some here. We have we were like you early on. We were just like we freezers. I need to Burger. I need all the work. I'm just so thankful that it's not as bad. I mean I really am as well but I think our government needs to make an adjustment. They need to recognize that. It's not as bad as started opening things up but there's so many people that are just the sky's falling the sky's falling still. They're still saying there's still screaming from the rooftops we can people are dying. People are dying every day from everything that testing. I think that's GonNa make a big difference in become less scared as these as these therapeutics do March which which which they will. I'm sure absolutely but what I really wanted to talk to you. The reason why I wanted to bring you in here. Is this conversation that we just had to talk about. What are the? What are the methods that you can use to help boost your immune system? Keep your body healthy. I think we got it dialed in so vitamin D seems to be very critical sawn if you have it if you don't bath vitamin C. Orally you need a big dose and it's still not going to have the same effect if you can do ivy. You don't need to do but once a week and the zinc zinc let's Quercetin for your and then sleep sleep giant and Mike rebound health. Do you use anything to help you sleep in terms of like meditation. App or do you so I use Melatonin okay. Here's my way I used to not so. I have a history of night terrors. And well it's like when I when I'm stressed out particularly it flares up and it happens like when I think when I'm shifting from one sleep stage to the next where I am asleep but somehow I wake up but I'm not awake and I can still but I'm moving my body and I think that someone's in the room and that they're gonNA come get me and I flew out I scream and it's happened where I scare Dan. Of course he's like in the middle of sleep and it happens in my sleep cycle. So it's like but I've so I started doing. I started reading about this stuff. Like I don't want to like the treatments. Were like Ben's owes on my hell. No I'm not GonNa Take Ben's that's been shown to like cause dementia right so let's of terror terrible yes it. It's very addictive. And then like if you if you come into it I mean it can like you can like go through serious like die. Jordan Peterson just went through all this and literally. Yeah yes and went to Russia to have some sort of crazy medical detox awful. He's still suffering from it. I mean he's been fucked up for like a year. Wow that sucks so. I didn't WanNa do that but there was. There was some studies showing that high dose Melatonin. you know more in the ten milligram range sorry. I'm taking nine milligrams a night and I totally stop having for the most part dances. Yeah like I went through one episode where what happens when someone has a nightmare is like if someone else in the sharing the bed with you like tries to stop you or help like because I'm still asleep. I'm not aware that that's my husband doing that. And I really think someone's trying to get me so I just go into like crazy mode and I like I like somehow like crawled from our bedroom all the way out to the living room and by the time I woke up I mean I had bruised myself I was like how would I get out here. You know like this is like the worst. The worst. That's ever happened to me so usually I just scream and wake up and I think someone's going to get me. Melatonin totally totally stopped. It totally stops it. I measure I track my sleep as well and and I think that you know. I don't know the sleep stage stuff. How accurate that is. I think is very accurate but Duration is pretty accurate. So so what did not executive Tommy like how much time I'm in deep sleep are ordering. Oh that's accurate. I think that the I don't think the sleep stages accurate. Because like that's like you have to look measure brainwave like it's measuring. It's I'll tell you why because I've had multiple incidents when I was nursing my son back when I was nursing my son where he was on a nursing pillow and I'm very relaxed. Of course I'm nursing him right and making oxytocin and I'm like scrolling on my phone reading and it it calculated me as being Rem Sleep and it happened. It happened more than once. There's other times Dan and I don't we don't have a TV in our room bedroom. But when we go travel we're gonNA tell when bad sorely bad watching your show and I'm like totally relaxed in bed and it's totally putting me as calculating as asleep. The Mike you know calculates heart rate and movement And Body temperature. So you know I I like it I do I just. I don't think that it's totally accurate. And during my only real way to measure that. Is Those Little Suction Cup things you put on your head right. I did a sleep study I have sleep apnea so yeah so I had to do that. Do you. Do See papper. No I have a mouthpiece amazing yeah it's a mouthpiece because my father-in-law has apnea and there's a doctor. Dr Karachi and he's very wacky Guy Rope Ian Yeah missiles to write that down. Is that GONNA look them up? Yeah you can find it. Brian Caribbean knees in Tarzana. Yeah pretty sure isn't Tarzan. He used to be out here well. He was in Tarzana. And then I think you might have moved to Sherman Oaks. Anyway you'll find I'll find it all to you. But anyway he devised a mouthpiece it has like a little tongue oppressor and for me. My problem is my my neck is very thick. There it is what is a full breath. Solution C-PAP ALTERNATIVE DOT com. Yeah it's The idea is a lot of people. Have a problem with paps they. It's uncomfortable wearing your face. That's how I felt and so this mouthpiece asleep apnea mouthpieces. Sits in my mouth in the tongue oppressor keeps my tongue from sliding back and closing my airway. Wow so I I was okay. You did go on so I went in. I had a sleep study done. It was bad. It's hard to sleep. Probably when you're in those right like but I did sleep. You know because I was I was sleep deprived. That's what it looks like so see it sits in that little tongue thing pushes down on your your actual tongue was like they'd have to get fit like Yeah you go in there and mold exactly. Yeah it makes a big difference awesome. I've gone places and forgot it in a panic. Like fuck yeah So THAT'S A. That's a huge thing that I because I was like am. I just like freaking out because I'm like not getting enough oxygen or something. But they had me do a pull them or thing that lot of wrestlers and athletes football players. Get it because your neck muscles get really big and when neck muscles get big if you have a big tongue and I have a big tongue when I lay down at closes the airway so my tongue slide. Oh Yeah just associate with obesity. Yes well they get fat. That's one of the ways that they there's operations that they do to Try to alleviate it and they just cut out some of the tissue inside your mouth and then they also cut out your Boyd. Because I wouldn't be able to talk for like a month right if you don't wear. Do you snore? Oh a crazy that when you wear it. You don't snore. Yeah your wife must bub it before it was an also choke. I can't breathe you know because I am bodies forcing to adjust. I remember. I was on a plane once and there was this guy behind me news. A kind of a heavy fellow and he was He was really snoring loud. Who's laying on his back and really snoring loud and then he would go without breathing for multiple seconds and I filmed him and I. I told him when he woke up. I go hey man I go do you know you have sleep apnea. And he's like no go. Listen I haven't to I go. You got to do something about it. I go you hold your breath for long periods of time because really our show you. Yeah so I showed him. He's like fuck and I go. Yeah Dude this is really bad. It's associated with so many different things is associated with high blood pressure heart attacks the risk of all sorts of ailments. Plus.

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