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Oh that's why she didn't turn out so the next the next one is. Someone said that they were in love with them on their first day. All context of this was like an accident or were you actually in love with them and it just like came out in the first date like was like i need to know more. I guess you could fully. I think someone before you meet like. Because i'm not in love with journ hall and i you know ryan gosling and i just make recently about love like how can you a lot of people say that's not loud that's infatuation actually not proper lavas. Well no i think. I still think it's love because it's still the same chemical reaction. It's still the same thought process. But you're in love with the idea of them on the real the person. Yeah and it's like. I've been in love with fucking like anime characters and celebrities and like fucking like make believe harry drake like pennywise shit like that. It's just it's ridiculous i mean. Actually that's a lie. I've been in love with them. Professor snipe for sure sure like obsessively less than piece. Yeah as well as but from yu-gi-oh anyone knows that. I had his pictures and i cried myself to sleep at night. I wasn't anime. I was in love with harry potter foot line rights fully. I had hari pointed to cover. That had his face on my pillow. I kiss went to sleep here. High hotline little stickers or by my bed like his face everywhere. I used to write my diary. Mr mrs radcliff i. I'm more of a professor. I as i went. I went as fall to go and see at his right and i know joke me and my mom. Will i driving up to london. And i got into the car with some binoculars. I'ma florence you cannot take those into mesa really. Oh my god. That's such a g binoculars it would have been really well quit if we did. It is because we were quite why not. I would have caught the best fucking clear. The detail shop was not disappointed in why. Oh i've heard so many nice things about daniel radcliffe. Apparently he's just genuinely really fucking nice to read so fought. Kim absolutely rises him. Boyfriend materials like so stunning as well. Mondays also i would. Yeah there's a law lot fan fiction went on during those years of Just everyone just siberia. Everyone had a crush on someone in harry potter rush. Or is it lomb. i think. I think it's so. Subjective like love is the thing that science do can't really figure out and it's so downs. The individual i own boys in what sense to miami all of them. Yeah well. I think i dunno. Fancy is a strong word. I think that she was a sex object for of people. But i don around like people like hawaiian obsolete they will. I mean just on the same to harry potter. Yeah yeah because you see ladies justices penis with him. Oh my mom got me a signed autograph of him for that birthday is oh my god so called mammoth.

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