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Hey who live! Stall. You got. Good, morning we. Via rejected in the building. What's going on Good Morning? So your girlfriend Thomas King is here. Hey Time Myth, the beautiful Andrews in the building. Hey, good morning. Terribly appeal got. Lead shine the Logan. Willie Harrison's here. Hi, Willie Good morning to you can't the petty in the building Jomar Ferguson is here hello? Phasing Jones just pop in Hey. Ken Black is in the building Good Morning Rail Ryan. Is here. How are you? Shell, Shampoo is in the field. Good morning, show mark is. Johnson. It's high market. Your. Shelves That's my meg, but Rossi's active, but he gets a whole lot of money in the construction business, and he always determined to make his baby mother May when he picks those kids and he's flyers. Hell smell him all the time picking up those kids and paying child support leading. And he gets an grand new car and he drives away with those kids and those Kansas happy. Mother's mad shell out to shell shampoo for keeping your. Hell because you out there winning service. She's she's. She's. He'd make sure you come over here. where? Put Looking Shell, go over there and destroy her life. That's right. Knowing. Look Selene on face what. We'd shot in the U. Baby. Go ahead. Could..

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