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It is okay we've had this since ninety seven at had this sense i was thirty one actually twenty ten okay so that had one one child okay in your single mom how old is your child my son is seventeen years old and he was just diagnosed with gastritis some home schooling him now okay it gets worse but you know what i'm thanks to you i'm starting to get hope back i am a very strong faithful woman and my only other goal next other than getting people relationship with god is getting a finance in order are gone through financial peace university yet you know about your book i wanted to see you in boston and i know what i can't afford it so i'm not gonna go i thought you'd be proud of me not that i watch your money i just wish i coulda helped you i want you to go through financial peace as our guest what should i go through financial pieces my guest i'm gonna give it to you walking you're welcome a hard road and i wanna walk with you and we'll help you do that so you hang on calliope pickup and we'll get you signed up for those of you that don't know financial peace university is a one year membership the initial set of classes are nine lessons that you go to we're going to send her out of kit and she's also got online access to all nine lessons plus the new new edition we've just done as the legacy journey is now part of the membership which is the follow up class for financial peace university so when you buy the one year membership you've got access to all of that online audio video everything you also got the every dollar plus which ties to your bank all tied into the whole thing ready to go and that that's all included and we're gonna ship you the kit and then you join a group at a local church in your area and go through the nine i nine lessons together as.

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