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May well add to growth and lower unemployment those are our general positives as long as we don't overheat and right now to try and get that inflation up a little bit this this stimulus could be just what the doctor ordered congress unless you do you believe that the tax overhaul makes it easier or more difficult to fund infrastructure uh that that prints on how the infrastructure is funded and how much they leverage private sector dollars i think um i think infrastructure could be and should be a more bipartisan effort uh i think it will get but what about the actual overhaul from what you know about this tax bill do you believe that it will make it easier or more difficult less expensive more expensive to invest in building bridges fixing roads and highways here i i i'm not sure i know the answer that i know this that if this works the way the proponents wanted to work you'll see a growing economy with with investors on the outside that are looking to place money including in areas like infrastructure and what they've been talking about is not been a a poll totally publiclyfinanced infrastructure initiative but something that would try and leverage private dollars as well who are the in your estimation who are the republicans that particularly in the senate that may scupper uh this sir tax overhaul where you've got to her her uh uh uh mccain being one of them that there has been struggling with health issues turned a corker voted against the package in the senate uh so he's clearly uh a question mark uh senator collins from maine senator rubio from florida have raised questions uh centrally as well uh rubio and lee on the child tax credit uh issue so there are a number of every one of these senators understands the incredible leverage that they have with a very tight majority uh and so they are going to raise their issues in squeeze the leadership and then negotiators by in my experience by by at least threatening to withhold their vote until they get some movement in their direction so this is the kind of lastminute horse.

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