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Compound hall dot com. Comedy thomasson. President Trump is demanding the New York Times identify the unnamed author of a controversial op Ed piece the president calls. The anonymous senior administration official gutless and says the New York Times must for national security purposes, turn him or her over to the government at once in the op-ed, the writer claims to be part of a group of people inside the Trump administration working to undermine the president's worst inclinations, so they can preserve our democratic institutions as White House correspondent, Greg Clugston. Back to Capitol Hill today for supreme court nominee judge Brad Kavanagh day three of his confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary committee. There will be another summit between north and South Korea's leaders third charge meeting. It will take place later in the month. And the North's leader Kim Jong UN continues to talk talk Kim is saying he's still committed to a nuclear-free Korean peninsula that he's willing to work with Donald Trump, and he has faith in him still as a partner. Correspondent foster clue and Seoul it struck in the dead of the night, a powerful six point seven earthquake jolting Japan's northernmost island of Hokkaido at least seven people confirmed dead three million households without electricity and cruiser rushing to locate and rescue survivors and expulsion of wildfire closed down dozens of miles of a major California freeway just weeks after a nearby blaze left neighborhoods in ruins and killed eight people the delta fire broke out yesterday afternoon and it quickly devoured almost eight square miles of brush along both sides of interstate five near the Oregon state line on Wall Street this morning stock futures are higher futures currently up about thirty four points. Nasdaq futures five points higher s and p futures.

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