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We're not like plugging ought fund right the way through it just doing a normal podcasts that happens to be in an art gallery and my guest in the end was tim key one of my favorite comedians actors so we recorded that just lost week and it'll go out towards the beginning of june as a yeah as i sit of special edition of the podcast off to that break time during that time you might like to explore the adam loxton app there's a wealth of adam buxton based fun to be had on their bonus episodes of this podcast currently unavailable anywhere else links to all sorts of beyond brilliant videos that i've made over the years again some of which can't be accessed any other way but the adam buxton app this some jingles on there there's some of the sponsor ads on their if you've enjoyed those in the past you might find your favorite on the app and of course it's a portal from which you can leap to the merge site wail find specially designed t shirts and mugs and posters stickers there's little collections of some of the jingles they're available to download and keep this my dvd available on go faster stripe the only dvd currently available of my some of my life bits and pieces that i've done over the last few years not bug but similar to bug in some ways it's called adam buxton's old bits so you know if you miss me.

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