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Octopus of an organization that was so different from anything else that ever existed and it took the american law enforcement almost sixty years to get a handle on are also vacation without precedent in the sicilian mafia or any american gangsters the commission the commission will be the board of directors if any rules for the mafia throughout the country had to be changed it will be up to the commission and have to any territorial disputes or disputes over over ac it's the commission will take care of it now that new and improved mafia went to work one industry in particular was at the top of louisiana has expansion plans journalist and historian douglas valentine luchino said he was going to turn prostitution into an industry like a and peres ellen pools the third quarter remain the case against lucky luciano explains he moved fast to takeover prostitution in new york the scene changed in new york city for prostitution in 1931 the same year that lucky luciano took over the onto world in new york and reputed members of his crime family began going from door to door knocking on the doors of these madam's where they kept these small houses of prostitution and shaking them down a asking them for a cut of the money that was coming in and because they were tough formidable madam's from the turn of the century they said now they said go away you you're not getting in on this so it was not a simple matter to take over the business of one of these crusty old birds women like jenny the factory women like jenny wild were very very formidable women to be reckoned with when the nose and the.

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