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This is Dwight. Should. Not Shivering? This is weird. The beat far. By drop you in the middle of nowhere. The Ryan. I was like. All Right, so we've got a text here we're talking about. We didn't know and we might be getting some more tax right now. We'll share them right before eleven o'clock, but eight to nine four five weird family traditions. Do you have any in your family or maybe your spouse's family? My Boyfriend's family is a weird ritual for the wedding. It's called. Steal the bride, so somebody steals the bride, and then people money together to get the bride back and money goes to the couple of ice. Where they did that to Angela before she married white, because someone took her, and they were freaking out. Remember it's called ransom. To get money. You listening to the ninety seven one. Frankie Franken, just show podcast right here on iheartradio. The. Number One hit music station with Frankie Ingest. Ten forty, nine, getting ready to turn things over to Jeff, McCartney and just a second here we're looking at pretty hot temperatures today so somewhere to mid nineties upper nineties tomorrow we're going to be I, don't know seventies and then maybe six tomorrow, but it sounds like fifties by Sunday for the high, and possibly some snow in the mountains with that looks like. Like rain starting tomorrow, maybe even later on today I think a good portion of the storm's coming through mid point of tomorrow through. Sunday, so it's eighty sixes. You Get up right now. So this is This is good. I just saw this poll that came in so ABC. News polled Americans on the George Floyd death as an underlying racial injustice problem and ask that question. Do you think that? there is a problem with our. Justice system the injustice in this country just to give you a little kind of context of where we were. Was it almost six years ago? They asked the same question about six years ago after the death of Michael Brown and Ferguson Missouri only forty three percent poll believed that there was a problem with the treatment of African Americans by police This is almost seventy five percent saying that seventy five percent of Americans view George Floyd's death as an underlying racial injustice problem. So that's good. people are waking up and understanding more and really eyes have been opened because a lot of people have really not really understood what's really going on? and. It's definitely causing you know conversation, which is where it starts and people you know in in some people are. You know angry, and and and rightfully so for certain for for black people rightfully, so you know as far as the anger, but when you have the other side, other people white people go you know that are angry. It's like why are you angry? Listen you know it's I think we need to listen more. Than talking at that point, so the the fact that. The. Conversation is starting. We had Reverend Davidson was yesterday. He called into this show, and if you didn't get a chance to hear that and we were thankful to have them on, and it was comforting to have him on, and just ask them questions on where we are and what you know what his thoughts were with this. If you missed it, it's under the Franken just page the facebook live interview. He was on the phone by the way, but we had that that interview as well as the podcast. It's posted, and then you can check out the interview. Al Franken DOT COM. All right, so let's get to some of these real..

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