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Always has always been sexy it's a this survey uh is designed to determine which brands generate the strongest emotional bonds with consumer six thousand consumers across the u s a mexico in the uae i don't know why they pick the uae apple number one on the list again uh and and and both among normal people and young people among millennials disney gis falls off the chart is that interesting amazon goes up and youtube is numbers three so among the lentils it's apple amazon youtube playstation starbucks nintendo gugel net flicks cocacola and walmart and i guess if you look at that that kind of confirms what you're saying uh dan that if if if you wanna be a part of brand that people love that they identify with look at netflixing is on this list look at youtubers on this list create content that they love in all can work in that lisbon i'm sorry go had brought no us how saying i would as he walked number two and number three you would a swap amazon and youtube well they're in there i mean the fact that youtube zarate halls kind of is kind of knock and people on their on their behinds because nobody thought uh that youtube would even be a player in there the managing partner ambyo him which does the study says we are surprised and pleased to see youtube as an addition of the top three most intimate brandt intimate weren't wise victoria's secret not on here intimate brands from the foothills this year's.

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