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And I haven't used it much. But it's one of those like it's the size of a credit card does sixty things or whatever. But it's gonna cool. I mean, if you need a heck's rent, that's nice to have this. I have in here an extra set of your phones will sometimes do. Yes, I'm that guy. I have two sets of airports, I have the new ones that are nice and the old ones that are almost dead. But if I'm gonna be walking around this is good place to put a spare pair of those what am I going to throw them away, sell them? Like who's going to airports and no one wants. But I do I do believe in having little tiny portable headphones. And most of us have tons of the ones that have come with devices in the past and I do have. My last thing and this is my Luna display in there. A little Luna display dingus now that hangs in there. And I can get to if I need it wallet ninja. Wallet ninja while ninja I got a hexagon do a heck. Yeah. And then what you like. And then maybe we could talk about the things putting are actually actually human. All right. All right. I'll tell you about the twist last twist twist. Do it. Do your son. Oh, sorry. In bedrock. There is. Okay. So imagine the town. Kids hip called bedrock. See, they could run with that they could get that. And use hanna-barbera is not the monster mega corporation. They used to be a lot of shows have licensed. Their sounds using a teen. Titans going. You're gonna hear ticket. You're gonna hear walking around on tiptoes really. I think those sounds are just public domain now. That's all I'm gonna say. So tell me twists. What's up with that? Okay. Imagine your team of co workers, you probably have tens if not hundreds of important conversations that are happening a lot of the time, all at once, and so, of course, the problem is, how do you keep this organized important information? Can get lost. It's easy for discussion to get diverted, especially in apps. Like slack, for example, which we all love to use. But there are now other solutions that you can do to help keep things organized. There's over one hundred thousand teams are using.

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