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That they said they couldn't find them so what do you think they're up to then his you believe they could sign them and they wouldn't find them what that sir i'll tell you what i think may has happened there sober wom was staff they get this thing about okay this guy says this is it's not a direct we don't want any ah actual person to person threat or anything like that go ahead in an interview the guy that made the allegation so forth and so on and close the file nazlat i'll bet that's what happened probably cell but i i gotta tell you why they get you offer there soon as soon as you get on and you do something to they don't like they get shot they know who that kid was they know who they know exactly who that was where it was coming from where the sir i don't have that some my question them why was the fbi knowing who this kid is take a pass let it go they they they well could have you know they probably get a thousand of these a day well i mean you would think that you would think in in this day and age that the one kids in the school were saying a of this guy's a wack job you know he bettered alert somebody in somebody about it instead of cuban it yourself i still think they dropped the ball i don't care how many leads they get they need to check a mock they need to fill that were down the line liked it all right i appreciate your call ron houston texas the mark levin app go ahead hi mark i just wanted to say i i agree with the last caller they definitely can trace that stuff tom because you you reading the people all the time work with people get arrested for child pornography and and they're able to trace them back to where they were they did it and find the even if they did it but at allied worry or if they do at home or whatever they're always able to find people so i i agree i think the fbi just dropped the ball it is perplexing it's just very very perplexing all right my friend thank you for your call john fairfax virginia the great wmal go ahead mark thanks for taking my call him a longtime listener to show thank you know.

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