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That's that's what we're looking forward to dadgum humming. God I love that. That was great. Number six, Texas has won six straight. They play at Oklahoma state. How seriously taking Tom in Texas, and I add parenthetically they lost to Maryland in the first game of the year. But they've since then they've won six straight, including beating Oklahoma forty eight forty five at the buzzer. So I they've they've rallied got back together Texas team that knows who they are that play decent defense. Not great defense. They run the football. Okay. They're plaques and game. And with with etlinger has been really really good. Here's the thing about Texas. Here's why Texas is in a bad spot to me, you're playing Oklahoma state. Who's obviously lost way more than there used to? They're not flowing like they used to their underdogs or they're they're they're beaten down by telling how bad they are. This isn't even going to be a ballgame there, Oklahoma states at home and now with Ellen Geller his shoulders banged up. He can't run the football. He's not going to go to run the football affectively, and they're not gonna be able to rely on them as heavily Oklahoma state. The. Passer number one in the country and sacks. They got thirty sacks on the season. This is going to be very very competitive game. This could be one of those games that we talk about at the end of the day or Texas could possibly get upset. And now you're talking about the number sixteen in the country going down who's next at seven and eight to come up and be right in playoff contention. When the playoff rankings come out on Tuesday, so scratch that blowout. Tony David has no blow out and that let's talk about two teams aren't gonna play tomorrow number one, Alabama number four LSU. Both have a bye week to get ready for next week. I think Alabama's the only great team in the country. But there are a lot of skeptics out there by Alabama. David is, you know, people who think them played anybody? Are you one of those skeptics?.

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