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Strive with us? Frappes? Your ideal Bank is actually a credit me a credit union. You have an old car taking up space be a hero and support. Our nation's veterans by donating your car to the purple heart foundation, your car donations to the purple heart foundation helps all veterans get the benefits. They've earned and deserve. Donate today. It I heart purple heart dot org. Yourself first businesswoman of the year. This is a bad life is still choices journal records. Fifty most influential women is about it's not what you earn. But what you keep White House conference on small business. It's about education is expensive journal record innovator of the year. It's about no risk. No gain founder of women for financial independence about success. Sweet success governor's conference for women's smarten Earls, finish rich, and she's the president and CEO of chapel would financials about consistency will always out-perform, occasional brilliant. And she is the financial diva is about it's all about the money, Victoria, L woods. Welcome to the weekend. And welcome to. It's all about the money Honey here on NewsRadio one thousand K T. Okay. I'm your host demon king. My clients. Call me, the king a finance a wealth management specialist and certified financial planner professional with chapel would financial services. The financial leave Victoria Wood's is traveling on business this week. And so she'll be back with us next weekend. Well, retirement is a one time thing you don't get a chance to practice retirement over and over and over it's one shot you get one shot, and that's it. So you gotta make account right? If you make one little mistake one thing out of place, you do something at the wrong time. It could cost you thousands and thousands of dollars. It could even force you to go back to work, which is what none of us wants to do unless you want to the things that wind up costing so many people so much money are the little things that come out of seemingly nowhere. This is what we see happen a lot. For example. Everything's rolling around rolling along.

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