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Thanks so much for taking the time to join in Spain book us today. You're welcome my pleasure. Took all about Valencia. Sadly type that we'd actually get to meet face to face did have full service blundered through the streets the son of grabbing a beer afterwards but not to be. We make the most of it to shame lockdown life. So we're GonNa talk about the legacy of remotely Fortunately III. I came across photography for your fantastic instagram account. Documents photographs and you also was streets of Olympia Torres. Well how did you come to be in Valencian? Attract city to Valencia in particular. I left the UK. I'm from South Wales. I left the UK. About twenty years ago I ended up in Prague where I told it a primary school a British International School for fifteen years Met My now PA. They and we both felt it was time for move. I've always loved Spain and been interested in Spain and the history the weather in the food and so did my partner Julia and so we made the pledge about four years ago and it wasn't easy but it was worth it so Paul streets we're GonNa try and do in this episode then. He's kind of replicate your tour little bit. You're going to talk us through Valencia. Some of its history must see sites a bit of a coach food as well third biggest city in Spain. Right eight hundred thousand people. Yeah it is the third biggest city I would say obviously this morning I mean I think that sometimes it's kind of overlooked. I think Seville severe is kind of in people's heads a little bit more Obviously outside But Yavlinsky is actually the third biggest city but gaining popularity. I think I mean certainly. I've seen a lot of changes in the four years since we've been here. This definitely motorists definitely more interest. I mean I've been there many times and I good friend of mine who now lives in Barcelona. I used to live in Valencia. Nice to go up and visit quite regularly to me. I'll loveland said it's kind of a city of its own relays a beach city big city but not overwhelmingly big but a beautiful historic center. Got Its own coach very much identities language but then Theon O. Rien hardly the people say it's like a small boss or bought chilled boss Kinda cliche but any it's true. It's it's smaller than Barcelona. It's it's definitely not as cosmopolitan novice crowded not as popular busy. But like you say we have. We have a beautiful big old town. Wonderful historical sites great architecture the food miles and miles of beaches.

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