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You can do is try and i can't tell you how many times and i'm sure this happen to you but how many times in your car did you wind up arriving at your destination but couldn't get out of your car because you listening to paul harvey and has had to here you know the rest of the story at sir it it's an art and the fact that he was able to accomplish it with such a small amount of of elegant storytelling economy now god yeah in at the truth i mean anybody can sit down with respect and talk for two hours now in a michael you have it what a short paul harvey club rock musician john earth wessel other who is dead he says the cook was too much for an already ailing heart down of paul harvey although if you put aside the whole earth with something that was incredibly concise running what sort of stories are we talking about my well i typically look around both pop culture and history uh and fundamentally their biographies so the the recipe is simple you start with a person or an event that everybody knows and then you deconstructed by going back in time and finding uh a moment in the history of the person that nobody knows and then you you you take a minute to make sure that scene is understood and then you walk truthfully through time with that person and as the story unfolds of more and more clues come out in the course of the narrative and the fun of listening to it is you know some people bull figure it out very quickly someone figured out to the end uh but there is absolutely no barrier to the uh to the breadth of potential subjects you be any anybody from bruno mars two hetty lamar uh so it's really it's really just more question of of.

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