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At four twenty PM on your home with the bears Dave current Ernie's radio seven eighty and one oh five point nine FM WBBM news time tending traffic and weather together on the A. tears Abby Ryan well the inbound side of the right atrium from Roosevelt into the Jane Byrne interchange because of a crash on the outbound Kennedy just pastor Randolph it is delayed to the harbor tree tunnel on the op on Kennedy the end outside of the Kennedy that is GM to division it's slow into Ohio after Ohio it is solid to the Jane Byrne interchange and the on Terrio feeder ramp to the inbound side of the Kennedy also solid to because of capers to this crash shiver in the oak creek area delays on eighty three between Butterfield in twenty second I'll because of fire activity right there near the bowling alley and Midwest maybe a good alternate instead to avoid the area also midway airport traffic jam on south on Cicero past archer to get to the terminals travel times for the Eaton's nineteen either way Kennedy out to the airport twenty eight heavy from the Jane Byrne interchange pass Randolph earlier crash just cleared from the lanes eighteen and locals ate the express about twenty seven oh here downtown seventeen coming in from the eat in junction so far the outbound side of the Eisenhower twenty nine to route three ninety inbound thirty three type for national do the Jane Byrne twenty and from and I even said looks right the Ryan out to ninety fifth fine inbound again heavy from Roosevelt to the Kennedy because of a crash on the up on Kennedy nineteen N. from ninety fifth fifty seven slight delay southbound approaching the tri state road work in the left lane travel time is still decent fell from the bishop four lake shore drive or the tri state tollway you're fine all the rest of the toll is Illinois are clear IT looks good east and westbound at northwest Indiana that's fine too Austin division is still blocked off between Austin and central with the roadwork Augusta is a good alternate next traffic report at ten twenty eight and these radio seven eighty one of five point nine FM the WBBM accu weather forecast tonight partly cloudy early then mostly cloudy late a lot of twenty four overnight areas of freezing fog into tomorrow morning and.

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