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City. He went to verda brayman. He went towards before he went to Manchester City. And Christian may have to be willing to move to take a slightly circuitous route back to playing Champions League football. I also think that when fit thing is very important, there are very, very few players at Champions League squads who are unfit and the second that they're fit again come back into a starting 11th. These squads are too big. There are too many options. There are too many players. And he's got to come on and one of these substitute performances. He's got to come on and he's got to blow the manager away. It may be that he's not doing it because he's not happy. But certainly, he looked a shadow of the player when he came on that Brendan aronson was for leads. And I know that's going to that is I'm not defending Mason Mount. I'm not defending Kai Havertz, I'm not defending anybody else playing up front for Chelsea. I'm just saying that for the ability that Christian Pulisic has, which we know he has in his substitute appearances recently. He's not looked like that player. And I think he, I think he's got that potential, but some of that is about his own certainty. And he seems like a player and along with his dad and likes or whatever is going on. It seems like a very uncertain situation. He's got to put himself in a certain situation, whether that's staying, he's got to be certain about it. Whether it's leaving, he's got to be certain about it. He can't wait for everything magically to just to be perfect. He's got to dictate and guide his own career at this point. Godspeed to Christian hashtag free politic to halftime. I did have a lingering worry where the league keep up this helter skelter play for more than 70 minutes in a way they couldn't against Southampton the week before and second half leads did. War tired Chelsea did up their intensity, pulisic was flung on G dubs. Texted me. 13.636363 6 three 6 3% of the players on the field are now American and from the stat Ed, the record is 5. Redding Neil full them two 2008 Marcus hanneman and gold for Redding, Fulham had Keller Dempsey McBride and brought bokke Negro on in the 85th minute, but Paul Carr reaffirmed they became the first trio of U.S. internationals to play in the first Premier League game since 2013 when Timmy Howard and Everton beat stokes Jeff Cameron and Breck Shay for Neil second Breck Shane mentioned in one podcast. I was honestly afraid and then Tucker did unleash pulisic on Jesse marsh and leads United States of America, which was such an emotionally complex moment. I didn't really know what to do, but leads. God, they knew a two nil lead could not slip. They needed another, and then it came through honoree American Dave Jackie Harrison, our friend, poking the ball home and Q Jesse marsh, who I don't think is going to be on Thomas Tuchel's Christmas card list, just as he's not on Bruno Lars, his Q Jesse marsh, spike in a water bottle, as if he was Gronkowski in a Super Bowl. God, I've got to say, what do you make of Jesse marsh David that dude brings a charisma to the sideline? I've not seen since Patrick Swayze in root house rule two. Take it outside. Never started inside. Yeah, he's a, he's a man boiling with energy, even when he's just listening to a question silently from an interviewer. He just has this like massive pent up. Is it rage? Is it anger? Is it just intensity? Is it passion? It's probably all of those things. But whatever it is, he seems to be pretty consistent whether his team are losing or winning. This is what I think we've seen from the end of last season to this season. And my God, the players have got a love playing for him. Lewis kula Bali's red card was the mercy dismissal dude seems so bewildered by Brendan and by the end I was just watching on a gog like Joe Rogan watching a shot knockout just eyes bulging hold me back what are we with the thing? And that was that as GFP at Tommy noons, I think undersold, he said an incredible day for New Jersey and U.S. soccer no longer suboptimal. Tommy Tuco just another failed German assault on the United Kingdom beat down by young American lads. What do you think are too cool? Postgame, very interesting. Immensely ungenerous to leads, perhaps with an eye to forcing bullies to bring in more bodies this week in the transfer window. He said, I still believe we can win with this team in Leeds. It's more awful than anybody else's credit. You buy that, David. I think a more secure man and manager wouldn't have said that. It spoke to me about insecurity about his own position about his own team about where he is. I think, of course, you want to say tactically, we were great. The players we selected were were great. We were the better team. We just got unlucky for the second week of row in terms of a number of things that went wrong. That's how you defend yourself. By the way, we've heard other managers say it. I think there was a game at the end of last season where we heard Jesse marsh say almost exactly the same thing after he lost a game where he thought he was a better team. Managers say this stuff. I think we want certainly to do with this situation and looking at it from an American point of view, we wanted to call to be more generous, but I think that the rule is that opposing managers aren't that generous about what other managers do against them tactically or in terms of their passion because it makes you feel that they didn't prepare their team adequately to go and face it. But too cool definitely doesn't seem happy and he didn't admit a lot of fault and leads the truth is Leeds did outplay Chelsea. This is a game, not of possession. It's not a game of chances or XG or all those kind of things. It's a game of putting the ball in the back of the net. And Chelsea continue to not do that and continue to concede goals. They have conceded more goals this season than they have scored. And that's not good for a Chelsea team through three games. I kept the feeling too cool was actually playing for an audience of one top bully. He wants a new defender for fauna and with havertz anonymous razz and calibrated. The sensor over time is about to descend upon Stamford Bridge. It's becoming more and more a fatty complaint. But Jesse marsh, God, I was so happy for him.

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