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Himself every five years i've never met anyone at his age especially who is so good at staying relevant george has some amazing wisdom and stories that are just going to blow you away so don't judge this book by the cover if you think you're not into sports or you don't really it's not gonna be like that trust me without further ado here's my good friend coach george raveling i'm curious i asked why if you were left handed because you have your watch on your right wrist like i do but i do because i'm left handed but you say oh it's one of many contrary and things that i do so what's going on there well when i was a college student i noticed that when tended to to like the same things do the same things go to same places and i always felt that i wanted to be a contrary and do some things in my life that were unique to me so i've never worn my my watch on the left even though i understand the logic of it i can still remember when i was growing up at the time i go in washington dc and it was it was spot seventy three percent black at that time and so there were certain cultural references in one if you had a cadillac that was a status symbol in our community and so i always thought if i grow up i'm never drive a cadillac i'll define my success some other way and it probably won't be based on material things in that not that there was anything wrong with that and so when i got to the university of iowa you got a courtesy car and they asked me if i wanted to cadillac and i told him that was the last thing and so i ended up driving a chevy so i i try to search for things that will take me off to the highways of life into the side roads and and so this just happens to be one of them i ten.

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