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You know the most about those players when you get into those middle rounds you need to play through a few scenarios in your head you need to play through few scenarios with the opposing teams and how they're Li their our teams are forming so right now our roster at running back we have Barclay Cook and Cohen at wide receiver. We have Evans Woods settlement in Boyd Lead. We're on the clock here at the eight ten and nine zero one well so a couple of things stand out to me. <hes> obviously everything I see one of them. Everything Room left. <hes> Vance. McDonald is still there which were rely on and Carson Wentz. Actually you know who would have been okay ish pick last round is is there so <hes> that's worth saying but Lamar Miller who we were deciding between or last round over the course the turn came back and it's rare to get that kind of depth. Are we all on board to take Lamar Miller then since he came back around to us or is that need still there <hes> yeah the need is still there is good advice the need for running back. It's always it's always there and guys at least higher in the A._D._p.. Left Darrell well Anderson or a drill Anderson Are you looking at upside now with Gallup Mile Sanders who you know you say Lamar Miller my lose the passing game work half P._R.. Lake Mile Sanders could get all the passing game. Oh yes one wants. Miles Sanders acclimated even the Jordan Howard is a fine player. He's a fine grinder. Mile Sanders was selected highly early for a reason I believe for the Eagles to utilize him but I think it will also take a couple of weeks before that to gain some. I take more than that yeah. My daughter might take half a season sure <hes> but as you're running back four or five I think the Mile Sanders this is. He's very interesting. So which one do you like more there Jason. I still like Lamar Miller because I know that he is the starting running. I'm back for a good offense. Mike you brought up the stats while ago top five and carries over the last few years top five yards over the last few years is just the touchdowns that don't come when you're talking about ball's not when you're talking about bolstering depth. I think it's a good pick I do believe ironically that despite talking about Lamar Miller being close close to grabbing him last round because he was our fourth running back that you you could pivot tomorrow Sanders and go higher upside I want I want somebody buddy that can step in and be a superior flex player over the back half of the year. That's what I'm looking at this point in time I in psalm like who's got the highest chance of doing that for me. Then I would say that might be Durell Henderson right. I mean if he become Durell on the show all of a sudden yeah I notice in this yeah did why did he come on his podcast because because my call them forty two names Yeah Daryl Henderson because I've infected Jason I can see where I was trying to read his name but I was also trying to read ahead at the exact same time to aren't l Anderson. I must say Darnell Anderson would <music> such a good because look if you're just talking upside like I Lamar Miller much safer is Israel is known Henderson's upside is only there with with injuries. Darnall Anderson's Anderson's upside of Todd Gurley goes down or if he ends up even I mean look how good C. J. Anderson was is in the playoff run. Even when Todd Gurley came back the so you're you're all know you you guys picked between Sanders and Miller..

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