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Right side demagoguery the backseat the high post floats the downloads deflected by Carlson stolen by you Tom read the hi lo fi but through the throat over the seven footer Carlson not a good decision baton dribbles right hands at the Jones quickly fights through a screen to stay within the gated left side to Alan on the way but he chases it down deep in the left corner Allen's their leading scorer twenty one a gain gotcha deep on the left side will be shoot got singles left awful pick hesitates moved to the left elbow diagonal pants to the right corner to Jones drives by quickly doubled on the M. line turnover Utah last sequence John Calipari up tolerate drive it drive it in the shooter at to route today they feel they can beat this team all the belts he wants to see his players drive at every opportunity the ticket most three minutes in Hagens driving right baseline pulls up from six in headset don't try to draw the charge me when he hit the deck and didn't get the call of the pagans wide open for a ten footer of the right baseline really should the well right now Jones downlink it's tripped up by Hagens we got away with one there Jones loses it out of bounds of turnover in Utah but a big quickly quick quick well many trips yeah quickly was committed to give help and his feet got caught so referees obviously thought that was incidental contact but be looked like Tripp five four Utah Hagen stop the circle double team picks up his dribble down to download a Richards any style Mike Carlson Hey give me that ball up high we're Richards could easily find it traffic are also picks up his second foul in the team's third Carlson's six foot ten or eleven Utah has what three guys six ten and above yeah so you're if you go throat you better throw it up there to make those changes that will six foot ten lahat June Richard freshman from Senegal.

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