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I'm Jeff McKinney. The man accused of raping a staffer for New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy says he was wrongfully terminated Andy says he plans to sue his accuser Alvarez says it's hard to find a job, and he's pursuing legal action against Katie Brennan. That's what the former governor Murphy staffer tells nj advanced media this is in regards to Brennan's allegations that he sexually assaulted her. While the two were campaigning for the governor Alvarez says what happened was consensual and there are contradictions between Brennan's testimony with lawmakers and files from the prosecutor's office. The prosecutor files reportedly showed DNA recovered from Brennan's underwear matched. Her husband did not Alvarez prosecutors declined to press charges, but Alvarez says he was forced out of job with the Murphy administration because of these accusations. I'm Scott Pringle for seven ten W. R a police say. Twenty nine year old Long Island man was fired from his job came home and argued with his parents stabbing his Sixty-six-year-old mother to death and wounding is sixty nine year old father, the violence erupted inside a home inside charges are pending against the sun. The Florida man accused of sending letterbombs the prominent Democrats and critics of President Trump is set to plead guilty today in New York City Caesar's drove around in a white van plastered with bombastic stickers expressing his support for president. Trump animosity toward liberals with slogans that echoed right-wing social media. Federal prosecutors here called sale domestic terrorist and said he sent sixteen homemade bombs made from PVC pipe and glass shards. The charges involved the devices sent to targets here in New York, Hillary Clinton billionaire democratic donor. George Soros, former CIA director John Brennan, former director of national intelligence, James Clapper, and the actor Robert deniro Aaron Katersky. ABC news, New York. Arnold Schwarzenegger is mocking President Trump after Trump attacked John McCain. The Terminator told the Atlantic that McCain was an unbelievable. Person and Trump attacking him as absolutely unacceptable. The former bodybuilder took a jab at Trump's physique joking that he needs to focus on infrastructure and immigration reform when he does this morning workouts after the crashes in Ethiopia, and Indonesia Boeing's has one safety.

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