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To say. Everybody. And they thought Trump was out of it because he barked and tweeted a little bit. Give me a break. Six. No 6 24. Say I'm not a conspiratorialist because, as they say, everybody eventually talks and and all this stuff it just says invites administration. Everybody stated to talk. I think on January six, eventually everybody's gonna talk. But it's until people start to talk that you try to figure out what's going on. What do you think? Is the Escobar injury Seriously Serious or not? Three weeks. Yeah, that's in the That's that's hamstring. Serious. Yeah, you're right. If he's backed by the playoffs, I guess I'd be happy. I'd find that to be okay. In the meantime, though, when nobody's talking, you know where all the speculation of the media is. What? What part of the media is the ones that are always speculating as to how serious somebody's injuries. Who is it? Who is who, of all the people other than the teams themselves. Has the greatest interest in knowing if somebody has hurt. Now aside from them. Of all the people in the United States of America who don't officially work for a baseball team who has the greatest interest in knowing this afternoon if seventies the pod Well, not to get beyond the gamblers go even further. I mean, how many people betting on tomorrow's game need to know about asking her these fantasy guys the people had other if they think that they could get somebody dumb enough to tape take a trade for Esca pie right now because they think he's going so it's all the fantasy sites that are speculating on Eduardo. We hope he's OK. Don't know that if given that I was talking about the great season, Jimmy Nelson was having like, three days before he had Tommy John surgery. I should be enough physician to talk. I still think If the railways can get through this this week. I think this is the key if they can get through Cincinnati this week. When two or three finished the Reds off once and for all, we can start thinking about the post season. The nightmare scenario is you don't want to lose three in a role. Then it's 4.5 games, and now you have to start sweating and Worry about whether or not you're good enough to be a wild card team, but that's you know, I'm on this on football and and all of these other sports the games you play against the team that you're either chasing or this chasing you. It's It's the whole that's the whole thing. Really Alright. 6 26 news Talk 11 30 w It's time for rapid traffic.

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