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There's been a big increase in the number of tips to US law enforcement about potential mass shooting on average the F. B. I. receives about twenty two thousand tips about potential threats of violence on a weekly basis that volume increased by about fifteen thousand following the high profile shootings in California Texas and Ohio experts say media coverage of those shootings made people more willing to inform on those who may pose threats some of the would be shooters sent text messages to friends or posted on social media that they hope to one up previous mass shootings by killing even more people but authorities say identifying and predicting who the next shooter will be is challenging that's correspondent Julie Walker reporting an eighteen year old army recruits at fort Jackson South Carolina has died before a training exercise base officials say that the recruit died Friday while preparing for outdoor physical training with his battalion news and analysis at town hall dot com. family physician doctor Charles assignment tells us more about chemical contaminants in prescription medications once said the chemicals found to be associated with cancer pharmaceutical manufacturers begin to test for it in their products India may has been found in minute amounts and several blood pressure medicines Intel heartburn medicine because my blood pressure heart promotions usually take a long term exposure may accumulate Charles letter to Washington Barron Hilton hotel magnate who expanded his father's chain and became a founding owner in the American Football League died Thursday at his Los Angeles home he was ninety one Hilton's family said that he died of natural causes you transform Hilton into the industry's top brand during his thirty years as its chief executive the Blackstone group bought the international chains twenty eight hundred hotels including its famed ward or Fostoria for twenty six billion dollars in two thousand seven more of.

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