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Uh better so i'm rude and ford and i think that's that's what we're missed him to take the detroit lions the top nb he know a owen are division a year and a year out for the reason lions had that at a 100yard rusher dating back to reggie bush on thanksgiving day in 2013 crazy better minutes or you're overdue chatting would lines receiver golden tate and he joins us courtesy of her she's gold we know so much of the analysis in a football conversations going to come down to quarterback play at a not expecting to save matthew staffer does not deserve more credit but how can we don't talk more about your quarterback you look at his numbers he's right there with all the other premier starters around the league you know that in detroit i mean it's a mainland nobody iberia near your eye with no one's really really respects detroit i feel like and you see it every single year and and i also think that's his staff is first now he didn't we don't want any attention he just wants to fly in on the radar dole say nothing termed this let me go out there and play play football and have a good time and just just love doing veges that just him he doesn't need the cameras in and and all that stuff and so i think it's debt that's partially it but the guy de through that deserves more respect when things are going bad it's always going to be on the quarterback staffer in when things are great it's going to be all stafford so it's kind of unfair but i've i mean the gasman performance since he's been in in league amis putting up hall of fame numbers in my mind i'm just four thousand five yards every single day so we're gonna find out the new all fame class on saturday if you look at his stats matthew staffer john as waited all of it i mean so that's one thing we did this year's we did milestones every six friday every friday morning coach call we'll put up the mouth.

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