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Time for more than a decade and from what i've always been in the newsroom is that there's always a separation between news in editorial editorial content runs in one place news is separated from that but you thought today on the front page a news story next to an editorial just about how regis this bill really it what is governor jay inslee saying about this matter all of this has been governor inslee is hands the from what we understand from his office he says there really isn't much he can do that he doesn't have veto power on the folks that we talk you'd say the governor surely can veto this if he beat those this it goes back to the legislature and they can vote on it again the interesting thing is is that everyone i'm talking who today thinks that the legislature won't just take a cursory glance at pass this through a gap they'll take a look at this really really closely as it today the governor stone lines are pretty much shut down the last report i heard it there is a seventy five minute old time because they are being inundated by people calling to complain about this piece of legislation as of one o'clock the governor's office had received thirty one hundred email more than twenty three hundred alone today as of eleven a m they received about 1100 phone call and the last check i heard of that 1100 phone calls only about seven were in support of the legislation i would think that the governor was going to take a pretty close look i'm told he has to make a decision by midnight thursday komo's jennifer sullivan look forward to your report on komo news thank you so much jennifer thank you divorce lawyers from and let's talk simla baseball tim led skimmed the former husky great who of course had a tremendous career with the san francisco giants couple of seiyung awards is in negotiations reportedly with the texas rangers on a oneyear deals about a week and a half ago down they i can't area that tim held a workout for a bigleague clubs didn't pitch at all last season in the majors had been a trying to rehab a hip situation may be close to get it done with taxes the ems were one of the teams the winter that work out to a check in non lynch gums progress to ballgames today for the mariners down in.

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