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The freshman and silver spring maryland steward now with nine points of the ballgame he's 445 from the field that's interesting match up to him and isaiah white to similar players similar statue yes eric callixte he now in the lane his turnaround shot no good bruce runs down the rebound shower now has it stewart gets fouled by whites isaiah whistle for his first val a lot of give on either side in this one rauner competitive if not artistic and the expected a competitive affair here this afternoon based upon the first time these two teams met pretty evenly max teams in all said and done it looks that rose now in to the frontcourt left side now 52 rodriguez he's open four three match will not go evans clears the rebound rigors is gonna plateaued in his career got off with strong start having seen the uh the same production in the last couple of years he was on my aerobic hits the jumper from just outside the foul line jimmy rose falls down and he comes up limping sort of an awkward fallen sort of was on its own and fell and now it looks like his right ankle was bothering him and he's gonna have to check out and yaacob checked it downing in a heap there in the backcourt walking in off now fears you'll be okay earned that right ankle i believe all right yaacob at the point now four being grad student mohamed is in there in backward showers out of the game at the moment as well he's on the floor overrun run the binghamton beck now stewart step back three that will not go majstorovic on the rebound you sean will pull it back out on the right side handoff for ashley now evidence left side four fleming baseline jumpers good and andrew fleming is having himself a pretty good happy rate four in the first half he got fifteen points now at solid effort by andrew especially the offense of as for a double double here if he can pick up a few more boards 5 rebounds at this point but right now and or fleming's going to get called for his third foul with is not a good uh number four the black bears as he's going to have to check out mix anton will check into the game.

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