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At faneuil sportsbook twenty five to one if you believe in miracles happening and then coming out of the atlantic division their window their win total set at five. You do have to lay a dollar thirty. Should you to have an over bet on mike norval and company and when you look at florida state. There's no one better in terms of his level of engagement and being informed of what's going on in the program. Should we look at this as a true years. Zero for florida state and kind of say. Hey look last year might norville operating a pandemic. The deck was stacked against them but a lot of optimism. Starting to swirl that hey look it's going to be a slow process but florida state in a much better spot with a new head coach now than they ever were with some of his predecessors. I think this is your one right. And when willie taggart was fired. I think i told everyone that this was a five year. Plan for f- issue and mike norville this is a complete and total rebuilt from the ground floor right like from the office to the field like everything had to change and then co would hit and mike novell austere his own players. That were that he was trying to get buy in from he and really get it. He can only interact with them for like a couple of weeks. Before the shutdown he couldn't meet high school coaches in recruits face to face and for staff that didn't have a ton of florida ties like pretty big gut punch their right like eh. We're here. We're going to change this thing and she's like you. You can't get going so for me. You are starting to see what mike nirvana's staff can do when they're not hamstrung the creativity this offseason has been off the charts right midnight madness. A specific style of camp that you know was effective because pissed off on the other coaches within the state there is more organization. There is a clear direction in a game plan. Everyone is being held to a specific standard. And look. this is after three win. Season floor state right now. During the recruiting dead period has the number three class for twenty twenty two right. There's buying for boosters again. The boosters poll has expanded because right. They've gone online a little bit. The new An i l. stuff f- issue is been on the cutting edge of that. So you know. Twenty twenty two is recruiting classes. Going to i think shape. The direction of the program can f- issue keep top five class and that's ultimately. I think it'd be really interesting. You know they haven't. The class is really good right now and but there aren't like the true true difference makers and f- issues fighting for a lot of those guys right now. Marvin jones junior. Kevin coleman jalil skinner. Niger league kelly. Julian are mellow and elijah. Pritchard and dalen everett. Almost right like those guys are elite. Those are like change your program day one type of guys and all of them are looking for improvement and what the scheme looks like to join this class now. The positive is like mike. Nirvana staff have been delivering. The right message which was not the right message by willie taggart really taggart would have told everyone. They're gonna win a national championship on the routing trump. The message is honest. Right now right they're telling recruits this is going to be a long term process they're saying to recruits like aren't improvement. This season is five or six wins like are super bowl like season. His six wins in a bowl game. And i think that ultimately becomes the question. Todd can floors. They get to six wins. Well i think it's a great question because when you look at their schedule the schedule maker has done. No favors towards florida state and trying to build on some of that momentum when you look at their opener against notre dame there'll be a double digit dog. They're a relatively true. No no you don't think where do you think that number closes. We're seeing nine and a half ten ten and a half. Now is the consensus. You think comes way down. I i don't know. I just i i mean i'm not saying i necessarily agree with where the market's going but i'm saying what we're looking at as things stand right now in the latter portion of june is that we're at right now i mean. Let me pull it up because see Trust the auto ren- right. This is where it opened in. Like the eight and a half range and then there was a couple books out west that opens six and i as it stands right now the couple books we have out here on the west coast. It's ten and a half and it's as much as eleven offshore show in the last. What is it day or two. That's gotten smoked. It's been on the move a little bit. And i probably should look at our lovely parents. Cancer in this trying to navigate that without mentioning other books so but it mentioned other books. I said there are take. It's nine and a half right. So this is that while. I'm a little surprised by that. I'll be candid so this was. I was projecting this to be at eight and a half. And i spoke to someone who you know back in march. Who's notre dame guy and he was kind of in that same range and we were wondering right. Like is florida steak and a have a full fan base there and they will and then. I'm nearly certain one book out west or a couple books out. West opened even lower than the eight and six. I saw slow and a half. And so now we're out to i see some of the off-shores have opened or one specifically in a couple and we're at ten. I think that's interesting. i really do. I think that that number is is probably touch high at eleven. So it's a game. Of course it will cover in greater detail obviously the season inches closer and we do regular season breakdown but when you look at the rest of the schedule pain. I mean jacksonville. State we to let. That's a win. If it's not a win that's a teacher problem. We go to wake up there. You go to wake forest week. Three we know coach clawson will always have a few tricks up his sleeve. Then you have two games at home. In my opinion have to win against louisville and syracuse you go on the road at north carolina a game where the tar heels will have revenge for a game that they lost tallahassee. A season ago of memory serves me correct. You get a bye week your home against umass and that's where things start to get a little bit more tricky from halloween weekend into the close at clemson home against nc state home against miami at at florida. I mean ken. This program maintain momentum if they don't get to that projection of five and seven like odds mcnutt leaky right. Fsu issue has to keep the recruiting momentum alive with a fast start. They have to find a way to be four and one before the drubbing at north carolina. And then you come out of the by you get to five wins by beating umass and if you can start hot right there crews will buy into the improvement message and then you're in the end of october and i think the hope is that your classes almost complete at that point because there aren't many wins the back end of that schedule. Add clemson at florida rivalry game against miami so you need to find a way to start five and one and then split. The nc state and boston college games that gets you to six are projections pretty in line with the market. You know at five point three wins. That's where we're at. I think the other thing here is in part of the in. And part of the things that the elite recruits wanna see is. What is mike. Novell's offense actually look like. What is this scheme going to be. Because last season it was clear like florida. State didn't have the offensive line to be a drop back passing him. And mike norville kind of quickly transition to jordan travis and his legs to mask the offensive line issues and avenue. Shockingly like finished seventeenth in line yards. Less than ten percent runs were stopped at. Or behind the line of scrimmage so they were able to run the ball so huge credit obviously to alex atkins the align coach huge credit the mike nor valley kind of identified. That after about six quarters like.

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