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Son wanting Murphy, The same guy who got the pictures to against the saints was the one on the play, and it looked like Yeah, like he said that he had some holding which in turn it around. Look, I'm for replay to get it, right. That's what bothered me last week with your game with the brand. I know you've talked this to death between the Browns and the chief. You're you're supposed to get it right. So if there's a key player, that's a key player in the game, they gonna turn over to get in touch in a 21 to 10. Maybe the game is over. I'm not a big replay guy. Just because I think from a technology standpoint, it should be faster. But I am forgetting it right. So if you could give a coach let's say you get one. Like they do in the N B. A. You get one. I don't care what it is, You get one, So if it's a holding play there that could change the game. If it's a play, that's helmet, the helmet. Obviously in your game, ironically enough, right before the half same kind of a situation right that could decide the game. You don't know when the game's gonna be decided, and that's the issue I have, and the point is to get it right and the reason why this live replay was brought in. Anyway was because Vinny Testaverde wasn't over the line. That was the most egregious air of that game when he was playing for the Jets against the Seahawks. If it's the most egregious error of the game, let my coach decide when it is. Yeah, and I think to you know, you brought up egregious like it should be obvious things. You know this past interference holding call that we're talking about. Pretty blatant, Miss. You know, I'm not talking about, you know, zooming in with incredible technology to see if the tippy toe of somebody is out of bounds. Don't like I don't like using replay in those situations. I like using it in when there is a blatant, obvious mistake, and I thought this was playing an obvious but the Packers really have nobody to blame for being in this situation other than themselves. They didn't play a clean half. They dropped a touchdown pass. They threw an interception, and they played incredibly dumb defense on the last play, And that's why they're down by 11 points and why now? They really need their M v P to rescue them on this first drive and make this a one score game again. It's game day on ESPN Radio and ESPN have John Lund, Aaron Goldhammer 21 10 at the half The Buccaneers lead the Packers and again a miracle deep touchdown pass to Scotty Miller from Tom Brady got behind Kevin King, which is six seconds left in the half. An unforgivable mistake 14 to 10, but just a Talk about your point for a minute. You can't complain much when you give up that play when you give up seven of 10 on third down what have one on fourth down 235 yards in the first half. If you can't do that 7.1 yards Her play for the defense for the For the Green Bay Packers. They've got to go in, and Aaron Rodgers can only do so much. He hit his first seven passes. 14th 19 1 69 Like you said controversial interception. It has not been on Aaron Rodgers. Having said that. If they lose this game, it will be on Aaron Rodgers. It will be on Kevin King. To an extent There's no question, but we had the legacy discussion before this game started. You win or lose games Tom Brady will move on Aaron Rodgers will not is still only have the one Super Bowl win. And regardless, Kevin King's mistake will be for gotten five years from now. Probably except for everybody in Green Bay. And they'll blame Aaron Rodgers for the loss. That's how it works. Is there a way this is? Roger's Last game is a Packer if they lose Why not? If he he could have played better in the first half. But he is for seven. Not if he plays this way. Now, if in the second half Rogers is completely throws two or three interceptions. Yeah. Then then some people someone will write. Jordan Love his first round pick. Aaron Rodgers didn't get it done in the playoffs. Maybe they need to take a look. I think that would be ludicrous, but I think it's going to be ready and they might say, you know, it might be positioned to this way does does Rogers want out? You know what he wants to go play somewhere else. And also, what could you get for every Rogers? If you liked Jordan love like we think to Shawn Watson would not a lot in part because he's younger. But he hasn't proven what Aaron Rodgers has proven. You know, this one player away from the Super Bowl thing like I think about the team that I cover right? The grounds if the Browns had Aaron Rodgers instead of Baker Mayfield Now everyone here is high on Baker Mayfield. Then he had a great end to the season. But if you throw Aaron Rodgers with Nick Chubb, Odell, Jarvis Landry and Are you? Are you a Super Bowl favorite? I mean, someone would have to think that way. If the Packers got to that point, I think the immediate moves now if they lose this game, I think the defensive coordinator is gonna lose his job. The way the last two championship games have gone. Last year. I mean, you know, Jimmy Garoppolo didn't have to throw a pass for 2.5 quarters. And the 40 Niners ran for. I'm sure you know it off the top of your head. How many yards did the Niners run for In the end? I know where he most it ran for 2 20. I know that Jimmy Garoppolo through eight passes in a championship game, completing 60 Day one, Okay. It was ridiculous. Let me go back to point from it. I don't think fans sometimes understand what championship Windows are Baker Mayfield younger and you could have him for 10 years. But the point is to win a championship, especially in a city like yours. Aaron Rodgers is 37 given what Drew Brees and Tom Brady and others can do. He's probably got five years left there in a championship window right now. I'm not saying that Baker Mayfield isn't the better guy for 10 years. Aaron Rodgers is the neck is the best guy for the next five. I don't know what he would get in comparison Tol Watson for the same reason, because Watson's could be around, maybe for 10 years for your team, But if you're in a championship window, there's gonna be a dogfight. If somebody is stupid enough to say maybe we should trade Aaron Rodgers because the first half hasn't been his fault. Yeah, No, I I don't think so. I mean, the interception wasn't pretty. And you know, we thought he's now thrown three against the bucks, right and three against everybody else, you know, so Tampa's doing something special to Aaron Rodgers to force him into some of those mistakes. And I think to get back in this game. Yes, they need to drive right here. And they need Rogers to step up right here with this first drive out of the half, but I think they also may need to turn over of their own to sort of swing the moment. Um back on their side. They're not out of it. Their offense has played pretty well. But I'm curious to see the lasting impact of that boneheaded Kevin King, Mike Pet and played and the half and how that's going to affect the Packers now going forward. I would just say this that if the Packers don't score for there is another turnover here. Some kind of a pick six. This game is over because they're hanging their heads. They're looking for something from Aaron Rodgers. And if he can't deliver, it's gonna be tough in the second half Fucking is leading 21 to 10 in the NFC championship game will keep you up to date on that, But we did this for the NFC. So we've got to do it for the A F. C. Call your shot a F C Championship edition. We'll do it. Next. 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