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My first question is for you in this segment rose area were you were you ever want to boogie singer a simple yes or no no really quickly okay we'll move on we'll move on but i just wanted to give you an opportunity share if you've ever been singer some of us have some of us have some of the sound okay the book is the gospel comes to the house key you say at least you've said this to me in the past that when you were in this committed lese lesbian relationship hospital was a part of your life is this is something that it didn't occur to you when you became a christian you're bringing this snow into your faith from the world before you were chris john know it's a bit of a both end but absolutely that my first my first experience with in the past the taliban within the lgbtq community in the nineties when the aids virus then called grid gay related immune deficiency disorder that's really advocating yeah it was really early it was just ravaging to our our our community and people were dying and and maybe the church was there but i never thought and and one of the things that happened during that time is the community started to coalition call list and you know that is not something that's normal i will just tell you that women who identifies lesbian and men who identify as gay have very little in common and then add all the other alphabets of the alphabet shoots and you debt fracturing identity politics and then add you know the the identity politics that says my victim status is my identity and you can imagine how difficult it would be to get this group together and you know but yet barely were every night of the week in in my community someone's home was open for food and fellowship and just between you and suicide or alcohol or drugs because there's a lot of people were dying and we were taking it seriously and so so hospitals i can tell people that i i i learned hospitality and my lgbtq community and you know i'm a presbyterian so i'm not a baptist maybe if i were baptist i would have learned it's a put democrats starve to death okay let's be clear but i was really intrigued because actually can enforce yes were equally open and regular so the two things about radically ordinary hospitality that were consistent with both my community anti christian home today but that i also saw ken smith is that this was not okay pasta paletti done when the budget and the calendar allowed regular and it was open and.

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