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Jeff Bram, unfortunately, will not be here today. He tested positive last weekend for the Cove it he will watch from somewhere other than Rush Age stadium, but he will be connected with the man calling the plays his brother quarterbacks coach Bryan Bram. Jeff Prom will work remotely with his entire staff. You know, I think we've put together you know the plan for the most part up until this point. I think it's just a matter of Get our guys in the right position to go out there Play brand from within the last four years of former quarterback thinking He knows how I think I think he'll go out there and along a swells are often staff will do a good job of putting our players in best position to succeed. Rob feels at winning that first game such the tone for the rest of this shortened season. We're looking forward to playing a great opponent. Now that this is a team that we're gonna have to play well to win, we're gonna have Tio find a wayto be the Met the wrong game, which is playing I was a disciplined And not turning the ball over and not making mistakes. This is a team that control the football, not getting a lot of possessions were not find ways to get turnovers and then this will be a tough contest. We were fortunate the first two years to hit some big plays overtop against our to find a way to win last year to get a much better job against us preventing that even though we snuck in a few here and there, but We're gonna have to be way more consistent offense. We're gonna have to find ways to shut their running game down. Make them punt on get more possessions in order for us to win. But you know that this will be a great test to see how we stack it measure up. Because this is one of the best teams in our conference. Jeff Bram, who build a terrific program at Western Kentucky is 47 31 Overalls, a head coach and his fourth year at Purdue. He is 17 and.

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