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Kaelin made. just checked into the game for the first time sailed it left corner out of bounds twenty two thirteen on or about your scoreboard. the lead is for shy and that they have for new and. and now it's. yeah. from the right side. Mike McCann a backer of the Wright. what do you do the fourteenth with your ID right now the west Fargo poker route is giving science bands of our time because the student section just left. student section left and now the west Fargo Packers are letting them have it twenty three fourteen. is the Cheyenne late. while there are. the rose that across to a nude for science. back to west Fargo and another air. and they they call it a lifting. on. west Fargo so now Cheyenne has match point twenty four fourteen. they rode across. NL west Fargo glass yes do it to the left of the attack don't go. eight no doubt when it goes to the corner final score twenty.

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