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Lender google l e n d r john williams these sarah sanders show has not come on yet but i understand it'll be the first white house briefing since the florida shooting if we can listen in on that we will and k listen in on some of the gubanatorial commercials on tv ask you what you think of them and what do we do with the ford guys that were shouting basketball at the black hockey player at the hawks game here the night if we find their names should we release them we'll talk about those stories this afternoon this is chicago's very own seven twenty wgn chicago and wgnradiocom if you're an amazon echo user just say play wgn radio on tuna in with the news here's kim gordon cloudy and sixty five at o'hare heavy rain across the chicago area has caused problems on the roads and water in home has been really tough residents on the south side jim tally ano lives in home would we've had some through the window wells before but we never had sewage pouring out of day shower her coming back into the house more rains on the way in a flash flood watch in effect for the entire chicago area until six tomorrow morning and extralarge fired this morning at a church and humbled park the flames could be seen coming from the steeple of the salvation and deliverance ministries international church in the 5000 block of spalding avenue chicago fire district t chief dan cunningham we did if the reposition a couple of flare coproducer get them into both ed pages is safe position so that's what we did i'm we fred them what the aging companies and we were able to extinguish on the fire from the edge cereal no injuries reported it's still unclear how the fire started teenage political activism at work in florida today high school students walking out of class with a message for state lawmakers do something about gun control 12th greater jalen blocker registered to vote yesterday he says he's willing to take a stand against any elected official who feels isn't working to keep gun violence out of school cells are seventy lives that were stolen from us not just taken they were stolen seventeen you'll right my and unfortunately well unfortunately for those who are in favour of it in favor of these guns uh we will not tolerate that we will not stand for that students from fort lauderdale high had originally planned.

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