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P. Updates 24 73 65 Listen, Live on air on Alexa or in the W T. GOP up. It's a 28 time for traffic and weather on the eights, and Jack Taylor is in the traffic center slowing in Virginia running 95 north bound your crowded in Dale City. But then it gets really, really slow trying to ride to the crash in the main line north bound after Lord and blocking the right lane in the construction, seven going westbound out and rested. Before Baron Cameron Avenue. Got one lane getting by in that construction zone, Prince William Parkway eastbound before Smoketown Road. Sounds like only a right lane continues to get by the scene of that crash. We earlier had one broken down in Centerville is 28 North, Found after Braddock Road had been in the right lane. 66 remained stacked at Manassas east into Centerville, then slowing again. 1 23 to Nutley. Still quite on the greenway in the toll Road East headed toward 4 95 Beltway. There's a slight delay. That's it north of 2 36 headed up toward Gallows Road, the only delay between Alexandria and McLane in Maryland. We've got delays topside out of the beginning in New Hampshire Avenue stretching toward Georgia Avenue to 70 South bound. We've been a little bit heavy, leaving her banner that's even cleared. So you're open from Frederick all the way down toward the lane divide the crash that was down in Chevy Chase Circle with South Bend on Connecticut Avenue near Western Avenue. It was causing the two South bound lanes exiting the circle blocked. Apparently a bus in the car were involved in the accident. We've got activity in the storm Water pond in Frederick Manaka. See Boulevard West bound up near 85. You're gonna be under police direction. We're quiet between the Beltway's on 95 in the Baltimore Washington Parkway still cleaning up the accident activity in the district, though, on D. C to 95 South bound before Benning Road, it's on the right side. Two left lanes continue to get by on the rails this morning, Metro's red Line expect delays to Glen mind because of a broken down train outside Rockville, Rid your home of unwanted pests turned a home paramount pest control. Call today for a free inspection 888888 home or visit home. Paramount dot com. Jack Taylor. W T. O P. Traffic are forecast now and here's Matt Ritter freezing cold in most spots this morning, staying mostly sunny, brisk and chilly. Today. High temperatures will be in the upper forties, too low fifties and will be clear and cold for overnight tonight not quite as cold. Lows in the mid thirties.

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