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Of silence to honor the events that occurred at this moment seventy seven years ago. Today. December seventh nineteen forty one. We remember Pearl Harbor day today. I a whole generation of people that might not have seen an iconic boat movie that could be a teachable moment. Schindler's List is actually back in movie theaters. And for any kids that have not seen that put that on the agenda at this weekend. Make sure they have perspective. About what really took place back then. You certainly cannot count on the educa- education establishment to deliver. In what's even more frustrating and the context of politics today? Is that what was that the root of World War Two is exactly what we're fighting today? It's socialism. Now, people will hide behind the idea that Hitler was a nationalist. And you know, like Bernie Sanders and Andrew Geller their democratic democratic that so much different. Which is the the biggest DS argument out there. How was it? How was it that Hitler was elected? People voted for him, right? I mean, democratically to the extent that there's a democratic process. Right. So. Hell is that necessarily different than saying? I'm a democratic social. Well, no, I'm not necessarily suggesting that Bernie Sanders is Al to bring back the Nazi party in the United States. But the point remains that system of government what it entails what it enables for those that are in power, and the destruction that it causes right around the world to this day is something that is not understood and it's not taught. Hey, Brian Mudd in for the great one. Mark levin. I am the host of the morning rush. WJ no in West Palm Beach. Dan. I turn around an hour after I get done with that show. And I do the Brian Mudd show W IOT in Miami guest hosts guest contributor to the Fox News channel in in. It's always an honor to be here with you. And this is something that is really at the crux of this next generation, we're we're going. Well, we take a look at some of the information. Some of the research out there on socialism today. Really? Is instructive as much as it is concerning. Impugn the education establishment earlier in the show as pertain to the department of education gun control removing God from society an increase in mental health issues. And this particular case not teaching what socialism is. As a system of government. What happens under it is allowing it to be viewed in a positive light? Now anytime you start getting data any polling data. And he survey stuff, you gotta take the information and context, for example, if you just simply take polling on the let's say President Obama firmament if you took a look at President Obama's ratings on the person, the favorability ratings they were generally positive, but if he actually pulled on his policy overwhelmingly negative, and if you take a look at President Trump is pretty much the opposite. His favorability is personal ratings are lower, but on policy solid majorities of Americans with them. When you take a look at what we are seeing on socialism. Holy cow. Does it tell a story in a really explains how influenza we did have a close call with a democratic socialists in hiding by the name of the film? Why we have Bernie Sanders that once again is emerging as a front-runner for the Democrats in twenty twenty which is ironic because Bernie Sanders the first time you ever was a democrat was winning ran for president is one. In this one particular case Gallup has some really interesting information Gallup is the oldest active pollster out there. They started in the nineteen thirties. So some of the questions they ask they're the only entity out there that can provide perspective across all kinds of generations, including the greatest generation the first time, the Gallup hadn't accredited poll on the question of socialism was nineteen forty-nine nineteen forty-nine, right? Just a handful years at the greatest generation putting in. To to Hitler and put an end to World War Two. And the most common answer when when Americans were asked what does socialism mean to you? There are a bunch of different answers. So this was the grouping the Gallup put together. Government ownership or control government ownership of utilities, everything controlled by the government state control of business. Okay. That's what the average American in nineteen forty nine viewed socialism as government ownership or control government ownership of utilities, everything controlled by the government. Stay control business. They had just dealt with it. They got it all told only fifteen percent of Americans answered with anything anything that possibly could have been construed as positive. All right. That's it. So where are we today? Well, Galp recently wrapped up on this question on socialism. And guess what? The most common answer today is. Equality? Equal standing for everybody all equal in rights. Holy crap. How different is that versus the folks in nineteen forty nine who got it. All in forty percent of Americans right now. Answered with a response that could be viewed favorably about socialism. And not even democratic socialism, by the way, just socialism. Now, how do we get there? We get there. See the there's a funny thing because the left will always take a look and go you can't use Hiller. Because again, it was the nationalist thing. And I mean, look you've had other socialists. They didn't do what he did. Well, they all do different versions as similar things. What are the active socialist countries? Those that fully engaged in socialism. It didn't matter if it was Hillary Germany in World War Two or if it's Madeira in Venezuela today. Or the government and the Dominican Republic. Or the Castro's in Cuba. That all leads to destruction destruction in whatever the desire is of those at the top. If it was Hiller, obviously, Nazism, if it's Madero wants take control of all private property. Ditto. What happened in Cuba? And what continues the funny thing about Cuba? You might have just heard. They just got eighteen year old technology yesterday as right you now have access to three G three G and Cuba. It's still censored by the white still government controlled three G. But that's the big story. And here's the other real fun. Fact that goes along with it. You see the the state regulated salary in Cuba is thirty dollars per month thirty dollars per month. That's all you're allowed to earn their. Oh, by the way. And how much says this eighteen year old technology costs well with the state run telecom company seven dollars per month. So out of the thirty dollars that you're allowed to earn a month. If you want three g you spend seven dollars. You're thirty per month to get it. And then you get to see whatever it is that they want you to see man sweet action there, which has an aside for all the folks who went oh, hey, I'm going to be like the Kardashians. Hang out in Cuba and do Selby's. Guess what happened? When all the tourist money went to Cuba or the Cuban government which had been in trouble because they have been in recession for years. Well, they actually restored their coffers with that. And they started seasons of the businesses that has started to break out in Cuba. So folks are actually worse off the American tourists having gone to Cuba. Everybody who patronizes Cuba. What you're actually doing this repressing Cubans? I mean details right. So that isn't probably taught to you. Is. I mean, I I'm shocked, but omitted in mainstream news media. But here's the thing. Speaking about Cuba. The Dominican Republican Venezuela. I actually think that our best chance forward given them. Now, forty percent of Americans view socialism as something positive. As we are becoming increasingly a country of illegal immigrants from some countries. Like, those they're going to be the saviors because we have a public education establishment that has abjectly failed us on this and any number of other different topics. We have no confidence unless we break the back of the public education establishment, as it said said go-to vouchers where I mean crazy talk here, but you actually as a tax payer and a parent can choose how to use that money for the education of your child rather than the, but they get it folks from Cuba folks from the Dominican folks from Venezuela because they fled and their families fled, socialism and communism. I get a real taste of it being here in south Florida. And it's also the key to why Florida turned out the way it did in this past election cycle. Explain a little bit of what goes on there and the misconceptions and how they can be the building block not just to save us from socialism in this country. But also of conservative politics. Yes. Where conservative politics, they could also be the future of a good Republican party. I'll talk about that next tonight. I'm Brian Mudd in for the great one. Been our.

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